Soothe Mood Set

The Soothe Moodset can decrease physical and emotional tension, reduce symptoms of stress and anxiety, and promote calm tranquility.  It includes essential oils such as chamomile, lavender and spruce to comfort and restore the senses.  Inside you will find our bestselling "Brighten Mood Mist" and "Sedate Mood Oil®." 


BRIGHTEN MOOD MIST is a comforting mist described as "happiness in a bottle," as it gently, but powerfully, uplifts the emotions.  

SEDATE MOOD OIL® is an ultra-tranquilizing blend of sweet, herbaceous, and citrusy oils soothes and restores the mind and senses.



1) Take a deep breath 

2) Bring to mind the Brighten mantra as you spray "Brighten Mood Mist" above the head and face. 

3) Refocus your attention on the Sedate mantra as you anoint the pressure points with "Sedate Mood Oil®."

*These products can be used separately and in the reverse order.*


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