Deluxe Oil Set

The Deluxe Oil Set includes our bestselling "Rose Gold Face Oil" and "Empower Body Oil" for a lavish full-body experience.  Both oils are custom-blended with super-powered plant oils to penetrate deeply into the skin's surface; regenerating, protecting and strengthening the cells, balancing the skin's natural oil production, and creating youthful, glowing skin.  On an emotional level, they nourish the senses, ground the emotions, and reconnect you with the most unconditionally beautiful and loving parts of who you are.   


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ROSE GOLD FACE OIL lightly hydrates and regenerates all skin types, including sensitive skin, creating a dewy & youthful glow.  The elegant fusion of oils nourish, soothe and soften the skin and heart while imparting a delicate, heavenly aroma. 

EMPOWER BODY OIL is made with ultra-nourishing and skin-smoothing oils that penetrate deep into the cells to restore the skin, and ground the senses, without leaving a greasy residue.  Applying this lavish oil provides physical and emotional strength and protection, both aligning you with your center while fortifying the skin and senses. 



1) Take a deep breath

2) Bring your awareness to the Rose Gold mantra as you gently massage "Rose Gold Face Oil" into the face and chest.

3) Shift your focus to the Empower mantra as you lovingly massage the whole body with "Empower Body Oil."

*These products can be used separately and in the reverse order.* 

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