Clarify Mood Set

The Clarify Moodset includes our favorite blends to refresh the mind and senses while realigning you with your inner purpose.  It features essential oils such as rose, pine, and clary sage, which refocus your intention, enhance your awareness, and re-attune you to your inner-knowing. Inside you will find our bestselling "Goddess Clay Exfoliant" and "Sacred Presence Mood Mist." 


GODDESS CLAY EXFOLIANT is an ultra-gentle exfoliating facial mask that returns the skin to its natural, renewed radiance, while restoring the senses.  It's designed to cleanse and repair all skin-types, including sensitive skin. 

SACRED PRESENCE MOOD MIST is a dynamic mist that purifies the skin and promotes mindfulness. 



1) Take a deep breath

2) Bring your attention to the Goddess mantra as you apply the "Goddess Clay Exfoliant" to your face.

2) Shift awareness to the Sacred mantra as you seal in the ritual by misting "Sacred Presence Mood Mist" above the head and face.

*You can also mist "Sacred Presence" before you begin to sanctify the mind, body and space and prep the skin for cleansing.* 


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