Yoga literally means “yoke” or “union,” and is an ancient Hindu practice that promotes union between mind and body, self and “Higher Self,” and self and other.  Yoga is referred to as a science or technology for living. While in the West it is often attributed to just the physical postures, or asanas, the true science of yoga has an 8-part (otherwise known as 8 “limbed”) system that reflects adopting an entire lifestyle.  This lifestyle includes adhering to a specific code of conduct of ethics and morality, abiding by certain dietary restrictions, respecting certain duties, observances, and behaviors, in conjunction with participating in the physical practice, breathing exercises and meditation.  Yogis seek to ultimately achieve enlightenment, which is the experience of being fully awakened. There are many different schools and traditions of Yoga, all which stem back to ancient India and this 8-limbed system. Some practices focus more heavily on the body postures, while others claim to be more spiritual in nature, focusing on the circulation of energy.  Ultimately, they all claim to bring heightened states of consciousness and self-awareness.


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