Essential Rose is here to disrupt the traditional paradigm that equates beauty with physicality and keeps women insecure and fixated on their external appearance. We're equipping you with the products and skills you need to live beautifully so you can thrive.

Our recipe for beautiful living? Radiant skin, a healthy mindset, and positive social impact. 

With Essential Rose natural aromatherapy skincare products and programs, you can tend to your radiant, beautiful skin while transforming your emotional wellbeing and giving back to your community, fostering a truly holistic relationship with yourself and your world.   



At Essential Rose, we draw from our founder's expert-background in Advanced Clinical Aromatherapy to create a line of aromatherapy skincare products that harness the power of essential oils for their skin and mood benefits.  Through the science of Aromatherapy, essential oils reduce stress, soothe the nervous system, balance our emotions, and foster self-love while nourishing, regenerating and repairing skin-cells.




Each of our inspired natural beauty blends comes with a custom "mantra" or positive affirmation, which assists you to mindfully apply the products with a heightened sense of self-awareness and self-connection.  Not only does this help you balance your emotions and experience a positive mindset during your beauty regimen, it creates a ritual around the practice of self-care that transforms your ordinary routine into an act of healing self-love.   



Beauty is a lifestyle, reflected in the way we treat ourselves and the world around us daily.  Our brand promotes beautiful, empowered living by integrating our mood-beauty products with holistic healing programming, workshops, and self-care content, inspired by our founder's certifications and expertise.  The synergy of products, practices and content promotes a more sustained experience of health and well-being and supports self-love "off the mat" and in the real world where the task of staying centered can be challenging.  



The heart of our mission is to create a world where women and adolescents feel safe to be fully themselves and to love and accept themselves unconditionally as they are.  Bullying is catastrophic to this effort, which is why we donate 5% of annual profits to STOMP Out Bullying™: the nation's "most influential anti-bullying and cyberbullying organization."  As Jennifer has personally experienced bullying throughout her academic and professional career, she understands how this can severely impact mental and emotional well-being.  Ultimately, we seek to promote mental and emotional wellness nationwide and are in the process of developing our own 501(c)(3).