Wellbeing is experiencing long-lasting and sustained wellness in mind, body, and spirit. Wellbeing is not fleeting, it is a consistent state of existence that is achieved through a shift in lifestyle and perspective.

The Work:

“The Work” refers to the process of choosing to heal and balance our mental and emotional states through self-reflection, accountability, and active behavioral modification.  Like the process of healing itself, “the work” requires continued self-awareness to recognize the parts of ourselves that still need extra love and attention. “The Work” can be achieved through a number of tools and practices, and ideally is a personal blend of methods that facilitate honesty and authenticity through self-connection.  “The Work” is different from self-care in that self-care is more a daily process of maintaining mind body balance, whereas “the work” requires excavating into the recesses of the mind and emotions to locate the source of misalignment. “The Work” and self-care go hand in hand and when done together can create, more than false bliss, truly sustained wellbeing that pours into all facets of our daily lives.


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