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"Where do I begin. I've always been one to only use true essential oils when it comes to my life routine. But recently, my skin has been changing; becoming super sensitive to overly complex blends and "old" oils (even though it's still good shelf life wise). And don't get me started on my hyper pigmentation and all-year round extremely dry skin as my "welcome to your older 20's" gift from life. Talk about rough and stressful. As my last hands up in the air attempt before mustering up enough courage to go to a dermatologist, I tried out Essential Rose Life's Rose Gold Face Serum and Goddess Facial Exfoliant. When I say my life has changed, it has inside and out! After a month, my hyper pigmented skin went away completely, the beginning and old scars from picking my face were completely cured and vanish, AND my face is perfectly moisturized for the whole day! It now has turned into a routine of self love that is my absolute favorite while reconnect with myself. Its more than safe to say that I'm a forever customer to Essential Rose Life. Everyday I literally have a countdown to when I get to go home to use the scrub and oil to detox from the day. Give it a try and you will seriously love yourself so much for it and Jenn for guiding you to the perfect oils."

- Elise Pierre-Louis, CEO JLB Patisserie

"Since I've gotten the Sacred Presence Mood Mist I don't go anywhere without it. It's like carrying a little piece of magic with you. I feel it has a powerful effect on my energy field. When I spray it I feel like I come back to myself, like I come back home. I am reconnected to my calmness, and also my power.  The beautiful, sweet scent filled with pine seems to transport you to a forest, simultaneously grounding you to the Earth and lifting you to the heavens. I get excited to share this mist with anyone around me because I'm so passionate about it and I feel like everyone should experience the magic. Sacred Presence Mood Mist has been such a gift to my life and has aided in a powerful self transformation. I can't wait for the rest of the world to discover it! Thank you Essential Rose Life!!"
- Heather Conn
"Sitting down with a cup of Lovingkindness Tea, having just doused myself with "Sacred Presence Mood Mist" and "Luxe Woods Body Oil" - who knew I could feel so pampered while working?! Keep doing what you're doing, Jennifer! Goodness knows the world needs more "loving kindness"!"
- Kimberly Davis, Author
"When I first learned about Essential Rose Life’s Teas, I knew I had to try them all. I am a green tea only person, but when I saw the thoughtful curation of each one of the teas, along with their beautiful presentation, I was ready to break my 5 years of green tea to try something new. And I could not be happier that I did. Every single tea is amazing. Not only do they taste beautifully, they do what they say. If I want to be more relaxed, I drink Soothe. If I ate poorly that day, I have Detox. I love these so much that I’ve bought the Lifestyle Set for every one of my friends. And they all love it too! You’ll love and appreciate each one of these teas. I highly recommend if you’re new to Essential Rose Life, try all the teas through this gem of a set."
- Erika Berkowitz, Founder Haven Gallery
"So glad I met Jennifer and was introduced to Essential Rose Life products! My skin had a lot of irregularity, mostly dry skin around my mouth and a patch on my forehead. The Goddess Facial Exfoliant clears away flaky dry skin and keeps my face moisturized all day. Truly a life saver or rather, a face saver lol!"
- Teena May