The Soothe Ritual

SOOTHE /so͞oT͟H/

To pacify, comfort, tranquilize. To reduce pain or discomfort. 
When life gets stressful and we feel out of control, the best medicine to soothe can be to slow down and come back to our breath.  These tools soothe the emotions and promote instant relaxation. 


Mist Lavender Light above the head and face to access the lightness of being.

RITUAL: Close the eyes and take a deep breath.  As the mist falls onto the head and the face, allow the refreshing scent to brighten your soul. Freshen and tone the skin as you access your inner joy.

MEDITATION: "I navigate life with lightness, fluidity, and ease."


Anoint the pressure points with Sedate Oil during feelings of overwhelm.

RITUAL: Roll the oil onto the wrists, temples, back of ears and the neck. Feel the cooling woodsy scent tranquilize the senses, creating a wave of deep calm. Allow your mind and senses to become undone.

MEDITATION: "I embrace the moments of my life one step at a time.”


Brew a warm cup of Lovingkindness Tea to soothe and nourish the heart.

RITUAL:  Bring the warm elixir to your face. Pause and allow the rich, floral vapors to relax the muscles in the face and head. Feel the heart open and experience an outpouring of unconditional love. 

MEDITATION: "I am an infinite source of love and compassion that knows no bounds."   


Brew a warm cup of Soother Tea to restore the mind and senses. 

RITUAL: Allow this creamy and tranquil tea to deeply pacify and uplift your senses. Enjoy a cup throughout the day to melt stress and tension or to unwind before bed. 

MEDITATION: "I trust in the divine timing of my life and this brings me peace of mind."






One of my favorite ways to soothe after a long day is to take a warm bath.  To surrender to the power of running water is so healing to the body and the senses.  Water teaches us the wisdom of change and the ability to let go and receive.  Take a 15-30 minute bath to restore and rejuvenate your whole being.


-CANDLES (to set the mood)

-OILS (drop directly into the bath; when oils mix with steam they move into the respiratory system, which has an immediate effect on calming the senses)

-SALTS (to scrub the body and soothe the muscles; epsom salt is a muscle relaxant and high in essential minerals)

-FLOWERS/HERBS (to infuse the water with beautiful energy; rose petals open the heart, rosemary needles fortify the senses)



When the mind is overactive, the best medicine can be to get back into our bodies.

Begin by massaging the face, focusing on the temples, the jaw, and the scalp.  Take your hands and squeeze opposite arms, starting at the shoulders and working your way down. Massage your throat and neck with gentle, loving circles, and work your way down to your feet.  

As you massage, take deep, elongated breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth, audibly release "ahhhhh." 


Even if meditation seems like the last thing you want to do (or have time for) when you're in distress, even one minute of focused awareness can be completely transformative. 

Choose a mantra (a word or phrase) to repeat to yourself in your head...perhaps something to reframe the current situation. "I am becoming more abundant. Everything happens as it is supposed to. I always get exactly what I need. One step at a time..." etc.  

Find your mantra and repeat it silently with your eyes closed for at least one minute or longer. 

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