SEN·SU·AL /ˈsen(t)SH(o͞o)əl/

Physically pleasing, full-sensory. To gratify the senses. 
When we are in touch with our emotional center, our capacity for creativity and spontaneity expands. These tools harmonize our emotions and deepen self-love and intimacy.  


Anoint the pressure points with Indulge Oil to stimulate the senses. 

RITUAL: Roll onto the wrists, temples, backs of the ears and the neck.  Allow the warm, spicy aroma to synergize the mind and senses and inspire the graceful rhythm of the body.  Feel inspired to move with spontaneity, fluidity, and fluency.   

MEDITATION: "I love to spontaneously express the latent desires of my body."  


Massage the face and the neck with Rose Gold Face Oil to connect with your feminine essence. 

RITUAL: Inhale the soft, floral aroma as you gently massage the oil into the face and the neck.  Lovingly massage into the heart center.  Notice the natural opening of the gateway to your emotional body.  

MEDITATION: "I nurture the landscape of my emotions, and in so doing I become free."


Brew a warm cup of Lovingkindness Tea to nourish and open the heart.

RITUAL:  Evoke the power of the divine feminine as you sip this nourishing cup of warm tea.  Like the Rose Bud, you too can open the petals of your heart and expand your capacity to receive and experience love. 

MEDITATION: "I am an open vessel for love to


Brew a cup of warm or cold brewed Refresh Tea to evoke your inner passion. 

RITUAL: Delight your senses with a cup of this floral, light tea that ignites passion and reverence for the beauty in life.  Savor each sip as it connects you with your innate joy.