Self-Care: On-The-Go

Hey, Busy Bee!

Understandably, self-care does not always seem possible to fit into your daily life! It’s hard enough to take care of work, relationships, family, and other life stuff. Taking care of yourself can feel like another burdensome task. Surely you don’t need that! Don’t worry, love, self-care is still possible for you. Rituals can be done on the go, mantras only require your mind, and Essential Rose offers special tools you can carry in your pocket to stay balanced all day long, even in your busiest and most hectic moments.


1) Get started with this "No Meditation, Meditation" for a taste of mindfulness in 5 simple steps! Try it in your car, at the grocery store, in between emails, or on your coffee break. Aka, ANYWHERE - it was made for you and your busy lifestyle!
2) Or, dive into this "Five Minute Meditation". It's magic for relieving stress, enhancing productivity, and supporting self-connection. Favorite places to do this one are at your desk at work, on your commute, or anywhere you can be seated for a quick interval.



Pair with Indulge Mood Oil®, an on-the-go aromatherapy fragrance for emotional balance, stress relief, and grounding no matter where the day takes you.

"Perfect Curation of Scent & Empowerment"
- Haley S



Up your on-the-go self-care game with mantras. Mantras are short, intentional phrases that disrupt negative thinking. Click here for your mantra e-book with 20 self-loving phrases you can recite each morning and night and all day long! 



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