Self-Care: For A Queen

Hey Queen!

You clearly understand the importance of taking your self-care to the next level! You realize you must fill yourself up from within in order to have everything you're seeking. You're already holding the keys to your queendom. Now, it's time to unlock the castle doors and claim your space on the throne! That's where we come in: Rituals deepen self-awareness, mantras clarify intentions, and Essential Rose offers tools to transform and heal your self-relationship all day long. 


1) Get started with this "Morning Self-Care Ritual" to help you set your day - and life - up for success! Prioritizing your self-care first thing in the morning is a powerful way to make sure nothing gets in the way between you and YOU. 
2) Or, dive into these "5 Ways To Fill Your Own Cup And Keep It Full". I'm sure you've heard of the saying, but can you actually apply it in the midst of your daily life? Here are some yummy ways to get started so you can keep that cup of yours full all day long!



Pair with Rose Gold Face Oil, a luxurious, hydrating, and soothing face oil fit for a Queen. Powerful enough to regenerate skin-cells and heal the emotions. Compact enough to keep in your purse or use morning and night. 

"I cannot go a day without!"
- Sue L



Get even more intentional with mantras. Maybe you already say them, but here are some divinely inspired ones that come straight from my personal self-care practice to yours! Click here for your mantra e-book with 20 self-loving phrases you can recite each morning and night and all day long. 



Become a Rosebud

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