Self-care is the practice of taking care of our minds, emotions, and bodies.  Self-care requires self-awareness. Through becoming aware of our mental, emotional, and physical states of being we can take the most appropriate measures to care for ourselves adequately.  There are thousands of “self-care” methods, and while some are more powerful than others, there is no right or wrong way to practice self-care.  It is about carving out the time and space to “tune into” our wants and needs and responding accordingly.  Self-care can change daily depending on your own fluctuating wants and needs. As long as it is consistent -- ideally daily -- you will experience the benefits of greater self-connection and emotional balance that is its result.  

Showing Up:

Showing up for ourselves means taking the time and space to become present to our thoughts, feelings, and sensations.  When we show up for ourselves, we make ourselves a priority and take the time to tend to our own healing. “Showing Up” requires a degree of vulnerability and courage to honestly assess our current mental and emotional states of being.  Yet it is through “showing up” for ourselves no matter what arises that we learn how to strengthen our relationships and adequately show up for other people.


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