Rose oil (Rose otto) is the perceived by many to be the finest oil in the world and is historically known as the ‘Queen of Flowers’. *NOTE: There are many types of Rose oil on the market and they are not all equal.  Damascan or Bulgarian Rose is the most therapeutic type.*


Damascan Rose oil (Rose otto) essential oil from Turkey, Bulgaria, and Morocco, is best known to promote feelings of positivity, happiness, and joy as it is shown to increase the release of dopamine, the happiness chemical.  It can be used as a natural healing remedy in times of grief, sadness and heartbreak. It is also shown to act on the adrenal gland, which plays an important role in balancing female hormones. The unique compounds found in Rose oil have been shown to promote relaxation in the mind and body as well as soothe symptoms of extreme stress. Research also shows that the use of Rose oil decreases blood pressure and improves breathing rate -- which can be helpful in a meditation practice!