Positive Psychology: 

Positive Psychology is defined in various ways, but I consider it to refer to the study of how conditions, such as a healthy lifestyle, can contribute to the experience of a satisfactory and optimal life. It is also an “applied approach,” and not something merely theoretical.  It refers to practices, such as having gratitude, creating positive thinking, learning how to make meaning, and strengthening emotional intelligence, that can create an ideal quality of living.


Presence refers to a state of being focused on the present moment.  Presence is cultivated through practices such as mindfulness and meditation. When we become present to our current thoughts, feelings, and sensations, we have a greater ability to accept our circumstances and control our psychological responses.  Deepening presence means strengthening the ability to “respond” to life verses “react.” When we respond, we have a choice, verses when we react, which is more spontaneous and out of control.


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