We know that everyday life can be a stressful and that it’s easy to get thrown off course. And, we also know that with the right tools and practices, we can stay grounded and empowered no matter what comes our way.
At Essential Rose Life, we approach wellness from the inside out and believe that the most essential component to a healthy lifestyle is our mental and emotional wellbeing. This begins with the journey of inner self-care. And no, we’re not just talking about kale and bath salts –we’re talking about a journey of self-discovery that leads to self-awareness and self-development.
Our brand offers products and practices to empower the modern woman to cope with stress healthfully, cultivate a positive self-relationship, and create a balanced lifestyle, on her own terms. We don’t offer quick fixes or goops and creams that lather out a wrinkle in time. We promote sustained wellbeing, that starts from the inside out.
Our products include mood-enhancing beauty oils, mists, exfoliants, and herbal blends that are Aromatherapist-formulated by our Founder to beautifully regenerate the skin and to go deeper to balance the emotions.
Integrating our Founder’s expertise in holistic healing modalities as well as her personal journey through mental illness to wellness, we offer workshops, programs and educational content that shifts your mindset, facilitates self-awareness, and leads to real transformation. This is where true beauty and wellness merge.
We don’t claim to know everything. In fact, we suggest that everything you need is inside of you and a matter of your perspective and mindset. Our mission is one of co-creation; we set the stage and offer the tools for you to learn about and come to know yourself in a deep, authentic way and in the process become empowered in your daily life.
Join Essential Rose Life as we strive to normalize the conversation around our mental and emotional wellness. We currently donate a percentage of all proceeds to Girls Inc., and strive to partner with organizations that de-stigmatize mental illness.
If we can work to create inner self-connection, and learn to love and nurture ourselves, we can create a happier, healthier world. Life is a process and a journey; let’s enjoy the ride. 



Essential Rose Life promotes mental and emotional wellbeing through products, tools, and practices that guide you on your journey of effective, deep self-care.  Our diverse platform educates and empowers every woman to become her own healer.  

1) We believe that education is the highest form of empowerment.  We don't claim to have all of the answers.  Instead, we provide a platform where you can feel supported and inspired to do the work yourself. 

2) We believe "being yourself" is the most effective "medicine" out there, and it all begins with getting honest and getting present.

3) We believe in the importance of strengthening emotional intelligence.  Unlike IQ, EQ leads to greater performance, the ability to handle adversity, strengthened relationships, a deeper connection to your purpose and passion, and the ability to live a fully empowered life. 

4) We believe that "self-care" is not just about what you put on and in your body.  It is about what you feed your mind, how you respond to your emotions, and the relationship you have with yourself. 

5) We believe mental health is the most foundational component to overall health and wellness

6) Our ideal "self-relationship" consists of the top 5 most important qualities: honest, loving, accepting, compassionate, and forgiving. 

7) We believe that life is a journey, not a destination and the road to self-discovery is forever. 

8) We believe that attaining consistent health and well-being requires consistent, daily personal practice.