Our mission is simple: to offer natural wellness products that support mental and emotional health and promote inner beauty; a beautiful mindset, perspective and lifestyle. Additionally, we strive to normalize the conversation around mental and emotional health and destigmatize mental illness. We currently donate 1% of all proceeds to StompOut Bullying, which prevents the spread of bullying and cyberbullying nationwide. Ultimately, we seek to expand our philanthropic segment through motivational speaking, wellness conferences, and in-school education. 


We are dedicated to revolutionizing beauty one product at a time.  Here's how.


We've all heard the saying beauty is more than skin deep, yet as a society we're so fixated on our external appearance.  Most beauty brands exploit our insecurities by promoting products designed to barely scratch the surface, which alter, fix, and cover up what's most beautiful underneath. 

Essential Rose Life was founded on the understanding that beauty starts within. It's an attitude, a feeling, and a perspective.  That's why our products are blended holistically, with the sincerest intention to support your beautiful body, mind, and emotions.  They are powered by clean ingredients and the science of Aromatherapy to work on a biochemical, hormonal, and energetic level, penetrating through the skin into the mind and heart.  In addition to promoting healthy and radiant skin, they inspire self-connection, self-devotion, and the most profound experience of self-love through the ritual of self-care.  

Nothing is more beautiful than when you treat yourself with compassionate tender touch and mindfulness.  Nothing is more radiant than with each inhale, the opening of your gorgeous, vibrant heart.  And nothing is more powerful than embracing your vulnerability - taking your care into your own nurturing hands. 

Our brand empowers each and every woman to create the most nourishing self-relationship, restore a truly balanced lifestyle on her own terms, and recognize what's most beautiful inside.   
In addition to our products, we offer workshops, programs, and educational content inspired by Jennifer's personal journey to mental health.  This combines her expert background in Advanced Aromatherapy, Mindfulness Meditation, Yoga, and Positive Psychology to facilitate the inner beauty work of developing a healthy mindset, lifestyle, and perspective.   

We are passionate about giving back to our community and have committed to donating 1% of each purchase to StompOut Bullying -- the nation's most influential anti-bullying and cyber-bullying organization.  Jennifer has experienced firsthand the severe impact that bullying can have on mental and emotional health and is proud to support other children who may be suffering. 


Our brand is designed to enhance your lifestyle by offering products that promote  powerful, effective, and transformative self-care.  


1) We believe "self-care" is not just about what you put on and in your body.  It is about what you feed your mind, how you nurture your emotions, and the relationship you have with yourself.

2) We believe mental health is the most essential part of true wellness.

3) Our ideal "self-relationship" consists of the top 5 most important qualities: honesty, nurturing, acceptance, compassion, and forgiveness.

4) We believe life is a journey, not a destination.  True well-being requires continuous personal practice, where we claim back time and space for ourselves every single day.  

5) We believe education is the highest form of empowerment.  We don't claim to have all of the answers. Instead, we provide a platform where you can feel supported and inspired to do the inner beauty work yourself.

6) We believe "being yourself" is the most effective "medicine" out there.  It all begins with getting honest and mindful.

7) We believe in the importance of strengthening emotional intelligence.  Unlike IQ, EQ restores your self-relationship, strengthens your relationships with others, fosters a deeper connection to your passion and purpose, and creates the ability to live a fully empowered life.