Mantra is a Sanskrit word that comes from two words: man (mind) and tra (vehicle).  Put together, a mantra is a “vehicle” that can transport you to specific states of awareness.  It is used during practices like yoga and meditation to deepen levels of consciousness. The word mantra has also become synonymous with “intention” in the West.  People choose specific phrases (mantras) to repeat in their minds throughout the day to experience specific outcomes. An example is to repeat the mantra “I am abundant” to be transported into a state or “consciousness” of abundance and experience more abundance in your life.  The concept is that the thoughts we think have the capacity to literally move us into specific states of being. Mantra can also work on a subconscious level, where habitual negative thinking can become a self-fulfilling prophecy that can bring you what you don’t want.  This is why it’s so important to practice disciplines that help control the mind, because your state of mind can trickle out into your interactions and the rest of your life experiences.


Meditation is quite literally the practice of bringing concentration and focus to a particular object.  It is both a physical and mental practice that seems passive from an outside perspective but is very active in its nature.  During meditation, the object of attention is repeatedly brought into focus over and over again throughout the duration of the practice.  This object usually is the breath, the body, sensation, visual imagery, or a particular phrase or mantra. A number of studies have shown support for the positive effects that meditation can have on providing relief from psychological distress, mood disorders, relationship challenges, and even symptoms of physical pain.  Meditation has become increasingly popular in the West, although it has been practiced for thousands of years by ancient religions and schools of thought all over the world. There are many different meditation practices and techniques but the heart of the method remains the same: to strengthen self-awareness, promote present thinking, and gain better control over the thoughts and emotions through cultivating a disciplined mind.   


As Jon Kabat Zinn (founder of stress reduction program Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) who is largely responsible for bringing mindfulness to the West describes, mindfulness is paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment, and nonjudgmentally.  It is a therapeutic technique that leads to a state of self-awareness, where we are better able to acknowledge and accept our feelings, thoughts, and body sensations.


Mood-balancing means to create emotional harmony through gaining better control over and regulating our emotional responses to our life circumstances.  Essential Rose Life is a “mood-balancing beauty brand” in that our products and practices seek to assist you in your mood-balancing journey and support your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Mental Health / Emotional Health:

Mental and emotional health refers to achieving healthy patterns of thinking, behaving, and emotionally responding to our life experiences.  Unfortunately, mental and emotional health is largely stigmatized by society. There is much more emphasis placed on physical health and fitness. Yet I believe that if we are not thinking positively, processing our emotions healthfully, and cultivating a supportive self-relationship then we will never be able to experience sustained wellbeing.


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