Healing is a therapeutic process of repairing and transforming our relationship to past grievances, wounds, and experiences, as well as reframing negative thinking.  Healing takes time and patience, and unlike symptomatic medicine does not offer a “quick fix.” Healing is a process of generating acceptance, compassion, and love towards self and other for all that we’ve been through, all that has been done to us, and all that we’ve done to others.  I don’t believe that healing is ever truly “complete.” I think throughout our lives we can continue to respond to life with conditioned and habitual negative behaviors. Hopefully this happens less and less overtime, and each time we become aware of this happening, we can choose to take accountability, recognize the source of those behaviors and the conditioned thought patterns that led to those habitual responses, and work to “heal” it.  

Higher Self:

Higher Self refers to a heightened state of conscious awareness. This “Higher Self” is perceived differently by different religious philosophies, but from a Western, “New Age” perspective, it is a part of you that is Divine and contains innate wisdom.  It is likened to an “inner guidance system” that can be accessed through practices that strengthen one’s intuition. “Higher Self” is a part of you that knows what’s best for you because it is most strongly connected with your truth -- what’s true for you -- in relation to your life’s purpose and mission.  


Holistic means mind, body and spirit.  Holistic healing refers to practices that support inner (mental and emotional) and outer (physical) healing.  Essential Rose Life supports a holistic lifestyle through our offering of products and practices that are not only wonderful for the skin and body, but also support mental and emotional wellness.  A holistic lifestyle includes having a healthy perspective and self-relationship, eating healthy foods, having healthy relationships, and achieving an overall experience of “wholeness” in all (or most) facets of your life.


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