Chakra, literally “wheel” in Sanskrit, refers to a series of small circular vortexes of energy that are believed to run along the spine.  The Chakras play a large role in yogic philosophy and are considered in many other spiritual traditions, even mystical Judaism (Kabbalah).  They are associated with specific colors, mantras (sounds / vibrations), mental and emotional qualities, physiological systems, universal elements, food groups,  and more. It is believed that the health of the Chakras, whether they are vibrant and spinning at a moderate pace and in the correct direction, can reflect the health of the mind, body, and spirit, and vice versa.  From an “energetic” perspective, it is believed the source of physical or psychological distress can trace back to energetic imbalances in the chakra system. There are many practices to cleanse, balance, awaken, and stimulate the chakras, and many New Age healers claim to specifically target chakra healing.  Practices like yoga, meditation, color therapy, sound healing, and psychological therapy are some of the ways people seek to achieve chakral health.

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