The Balance Ritual

BAL·ANCE /ˈbaləns/

To bring different elements into the correct proportions.
We’ve all got places to go, people to see, and business to attend to, so inevitably we may get scattered in the haste. These tools help ground us and bring our bodies back into balance. 


Massage Luxe Woods Body Oil into the skin to feel grounded and supported.

RITUAL: Rub oil between the palms and bring to the face. Inhale the woodsy aroma. Lovingly massage into your skin, focusing on the neck, chest, and heart center.  Massage into the soles of the feet. Feel your senses become strengthened and your mind protected as the oil deeply hydrates your skin.  

MEDITATION: "I am an extension of the Earth and wholly supported by this nurturing force from which I come."


Anoint the pressure points with Indulge Mood Oil to harmonize the senses. 

RITUAL: Roll the oil onto the pressure points at the wrists, temples, backs of the ears, and the neck. Deeply inhale the warming synergy as it invigorates the senses. Feel your body ground into the earth as your energy is stimulated and inspired. 

MEDITATION: "I move through each moment in complete harmony with my mind, body, and senses." 


Brew a warm or iced cup of Detox Tea to invoke the body's innate healing capacity.

RITUAL: Bring the warm (or iced) cup of tea to your face and allow the sweet, grassy aroma to nourish your senses.  Sip slowly and notice the elixir settle at the base of the spine.

MEDITATION:  "I am innately supported by the capacity of my body to balance from the inside out."


Brew a warm or cold brewed cup of Refresh Tea to treat your taste buds. 

RITUAL: As you treat yourself to this floral, decadent tea, allow it to cleanse the palate and delight the senses. Enjoy a cup to add passion and sweetness to your day.  

MEDITATION: "I delight in the sweetness of life and savor each joyful moment." 






What brings you pure, uninhibited pleasure? What makes you feel good from the inside out?  It could be as simple as...Taking a walk outside,Taking a nap,Taking a bath,Eating your favorite food,Dancing in your kitchen...  Whatever it is, FIND YOUR JOY and DO IT.  Make moments in your day to balance out your work and responsibilities with your joy.  Walk barefoot in the grass after work, eat chocolate after you accomplish an arduous task.  Make your joy just as much your priority as your work, and you will fill your well.  


In my personal experience, nature is one of the most potent tools for bringing me back into balance.

Nature takes our garbage and transforms it into nourishment (quite literally, think compost). Whatever isn't serving you, give it to the Earth.  Or when you're completely drained and overworked, allow the electromagnetic energy of the Earth to fill you and restore your soul.  

Laying on the grass, curling up next to a tree, or traipsing through the forest is incredibly rejuvenating.   



Or two...or three.  Sit down wherever is convenient; at your desk, in the car, on your bed. Close your eyes and take a deep breath.  

Begin the practice of Box Breathing: 

Inhale to a count of 4.  Hold the breath to a count of 4.  Exhale to a count of 4.  Hold empty to a count of 4.  

Repeat this cycle for at least a minute or longer. 


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