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A·WAK·EN /əˈwākən/
To rouse; engender, bring about. To stimulate; animate, quicken and excite. 
Each morning when you awaken, you are given a fresh opportunity to set the tone for how your day will unfold.  Use these tools to navigate your day with clarity, self-love, and genuine heart-opening. 





Mist Sacred Presence above the head and face upon waking.

RITUAL: Close the eyes and take a deep breath.  As the mist falls onto your skin, notice your awareness expand up through the crown of your head and down into the Earth.  Feel your heart open. Settle into the sweetness of your full presence.

MEDITATION: "I am fully present through the divine unfolding of my life." 


Massage Rose Gold Face Serum into the face and neck after toning. 

RITUAL: Rub the oil between the palms of your hands and bring to your face. Inhale deeply and allow the aroma to soften your heart and connect you with your feminine essence. Apply to the skin to nourish and regenerate the cells. 

MEDITATION: "I nourish my femininity on a cellular, emotional, and spiritual level."    


For a caffeinated wake up, brew a warm cup of Morning Tea.

RITUAL: Bring the cup of tea to your face and inhale the fruity, robust aroma before taking your first sip. Choose a quiet place and enjoy your peaceful entry to the day. 

MEDITATION: "I am energized and empowered to take on the richness of my day."

STEP 4: 

For a non-caffeinated wake up, brew a cup of Clearseeing Tea.

RITUAL: Allow the minty, aromatic blend to stimulate and inspire the senses as you cozy up with your cup. If you'd like, you can get out your journal to jot down any thoughts that come to you. 

MEDITATION: "I am a clear and focused channel for ideas and inspiration to flow through." 




Sage clears space and dissolves stagnant energy, preparing you to approach the day with neutrality and focus.  Use Sage (or Palo Santo) first thing to awaken each morning with a clean slate.  

TO USE: Set a loving intention as you burn one end of the sage stick. Move the smoke around all areas of your body and your home and imagine the intention being sealed. Place in a dish and allow the smoke to naturally go out. 



Yoga and meditation might seem can be literal game-changers for the functioning of your day. 


Choose a practice that's right for you.  The goal is to eliminate stress, not create it. Your practice can be one hour long or ten minutes long, depending on your schedule.  Be gracious with yourself, here. 



Start with a simple sequence.  Doing a few rounds of cat cow is a great way to start. Follow-up with some sun breaths and sun salutations.


Even if you don't know how to meditate, or the idea of it stresses you out (I hear this so often), it is the most important thing I do.  Create your space and just SIT. For 5-10 minutes or more. Focus on your breath, the sounds around you, the sensations in your body. Focus on a word or mantra.  Listen to a song.  Sit and focus for 5-10 minutes or more and you will notice a difference throughout your entire day. 



Create a cozy, nurturing nook to connect with yourself, where inspiration and creativity can flow. Take time to make your space special and a place where you can feel safe to express  yourself.  


- SHEEPSKIN or YOGA MAT ( to set the boundaries of your space)

-SAGE (to neutralize and crystalize your intentions)

-CRYSTALS (to enhance particular energy; ex, clear quartz: to provide clarity and vibrancy; rose quartz: to open the heart, selenite: to clear negative energy)


-Drums (beating a drum dissolves stuckness or stagnant energy. there's no right way to do it just go with the flow)