Affirmations are specific phrases that are repeated often to create specific states of being (see mantra for more information).  Affirmations can either be positive or negative.  Positive affirmations are spoken and / or thought to create more positive states of consciousness and to attract more positive experiences into one’s life.  People also work with affirmations therapeutically to reframe habitual negative thinking, which can be considered negative affirmations. For example, if your life experiences have either consciously or subconsciously taught you that you are “not good enough,” then a possible affirmation to work with could be “I am good enough because I exist.”  The concept is that through the affirmation, you are consciously “rewriting” the story you are repeating in your mind and actually playing out in your life.


Aromatherapy is the science of using essential oils therapeutically to support the mind and body’s natural capacity for healing.  Aromatherapy works when essential oils are inhaled and enter directly into the brain, diffused and enter into the lungs, and applied topically and absorbed into the bloodstream through the skin.    

Read more on the science of Aromatherapy here.

Aroma-Meditate / Aroma-Yoga:

The practice of incorporating Aromatherapy into the practices of meditation and yoga.  Essential Rose Life wellness oils are specifically designed to compliment these holistic practices through promoting relaxation, soothed emotions, heightened focus, mental clarity, and stress relief.  The oils make the practices more effective and deepen the practitioner’s propensity for healing.