Essential Rose Life is a mood-balancing beauty and lifestyle brand, founded by Jennifer Rose Goldman. Jennifer’s triumph over emotional adversity at a young age through the thoughtful integration of mind body practices serves as the foundation of our company.  Her desire to make her personal lifestyle, education, and experience of wellness accessible to others is the core of who we are and what we do. 

Our products include natural aromatherapy wellness oils, mists, and exfoliants for face and body, which are skin-nourishing and supportive of mental and emotional wellbeing.  Described as "bliss in a bottle," they are known to balance your mind and emotions with every inhalation. 

Additionally, we integrate Jennifer's expertise in holistic healing modalities as well as her personal journey through mental illness to wellness to offer workshops, programs and educational content that shifts your mindset, facilitates self-awareness, and leads to real transformation. This is where true the true beauty work is done.

Essential Rose Life's mission is to empower the modern woman to cope with stress healthfully, cultivate a nurturing self-relationship, and create a balanced lifestyle on her own terms.  Additionally, we have committed to donating 1% of each purchase to StompOut Bullying -- the nation's most influential anti-bullying and cyber-bullying organization -- as Jennifer is aware of the severe impact that bullying can have on mental and emotional health. 







We use only the essentials-nature in its purest, rawest, and simplest form to create and package our products.  And, in the process, we re-connect you with your true feminine essence.


Known through ancient mythology and folklore as the “Queen of Flowers”, Rose is a timeless symbol of radiance, love, and beauty, plus it is the middle name of our founder, Jennifer Rose Goldman. Using ancient wisdom, Essential Rose empowers the modern woman to stand in her strength and authenticity. 


Well, this is what it’s ALL about for us…we want to enhance your life, rejoice in your beauty and support you on your path to expansion through the ritual of self-love.