Jennifer Rose’s inspiration for Essential Rose Life is the result of a deep desire to share her journey of depth, healing and self-discovery with women.  She seeks to build a community of self-healers who would benefit directly from her insights and education acquired during her 12-year long period of self-study. Her ultimate goal is to provide a framework for others to cultivate a vibrant and flourishing holistic lifestyle.

Life often reveals its most precious lessons the “hard” way…

 Jennifer Rose’s life came to a screeching halt at the bittersweet age of 15when she was diagnosed with Clinical Depression. Her inability to care for herself or cope with her emotions healthfully led her parents to act drastically, and unexpectedly. She was arranged to be taken--one fateful March morning--on what would become a two-year long therapeutic journey, which began at a Therapeutic Wilderness Program.  

If the removal from the comforts of home and familial bonds in the middle of winter were not daunting enough, imagine her surprise to find her new “home” in the Blueridge Mountains was, in fact, an A-frame tent!  This life-altering experience was followed in quick succession with a lengthy stay at an "Emotional Growth" Boarding School, where she began the real work of removing the masks and un-peeling the layers of negative self-perception.

Post therapeutic immersion, she found herself at a Gap Year program in a tiny vineyard village in the South of France and an ancient Apothecary in Northern Morocco (where she first discovered her love for medicinal plants and oils).  Jennifer finally landed back in New York at Skidmore College, where her desire to identify and unfurl the mystery of ritual lead to the rigorous dual bachelors in Religious Studies and Philosophy. This was no “toe-dipping” expedition on her end; it was an utter deep-dive into the realm of MindBody healing, so much so that in her Senior year she began blending, brewing, and selling homemade herbal concoctions to her peers, and Essential Rose Life was born.

Jennifer Rose has since earned a 300-hour Advanced Clinical Aromatherapist certification through the New York Institute of Aromatherapy and become a thrice-certified 200-hour Yoga instructor in the Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kundalini Yoga traditions.  She has also completed trainings in Transcendental Meditation, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, and Reiki 1 and 2.  Additionally, she has immersed herself in the exploration of spirituality, consciousness, and positive psychology. 

Jennifer continues to expand Essential Rose Life’s offerings with the sincerest intention to build a home for others; a place of abundance, mindfulness and devotion.


"Through Essential Rose Life, I have transformed my self-relationship and recognized that self-love is a journey, which must be practiced daily.  "

-Jennifer Rose Goldman