Essential Rose is an inner and outer beauty brand inspired by Jennifer Goldman’s personal journey of transformation. As a young woman experiencing emotional crisis, Jennifer drew upon her inner strength to rise above.  Today, she shares the tools she learned along the way to arrive at a healthier and more beautiful place in her life, so you can benefit too.  Jennifer’s methods teach that while there are many things in life we cannot control, we retain the potential to transform our wellbeing in every moment, so why not seize the opportunity to do so?

Jennifer created Essential Rose as a line of uniquely formulated products to enhance your wellbeing through every spritz, drop and inhalation. 

Within each of our aroma-therapeutic oils lies the power to take your life, healing, and well-being back into your own hands. We harness the power of essential oils for their emotionally-balancing and skin-regenerative properties and marry them with “mindful mantras” to create custom Mood Oils®. Mood Oils® promote a healthy and positive mindset while nourishing, regenerating, and strengthening the skin.  The result is a truly holistic personal care experience where the physical and emotional aspects of beauty are delivered through active ingredients and rituals for daily living.  

So whether you’re surrounded by 3 screaming kids or caught in traffic, in the throes of starting your own business or navigating a divorce, know that our nourishing oils exist to support you.  With just a few mindful applications, you too can transform any moment into an opportunity for graceful awareness where your beauty truly pours through, while enjoying the abundant outer physical benefits.

Essential Rose is a movement and a lifestyle.  Allow our products to transform your daily routine into a series of luxurious and healing moments of self-care.