About Us

Essential Rose is the first mood-enhancing beauty® brand for emotional health and healthy skin, inspired by Jennifer Goldman’s transformation. Depression darkened her youth until a wilderness intervention pulled her out of bed in the middle of the night, sparking her journey to self-discovery. She became certified in a diverse range of healing practices to overcome.

Jennifer packaged her healing expertise as the first line of truly holistic beauty products to help you live beautifully and enhance your total wellbeing.

Each of our aromatherapy skincare oils promote nourished and radiant skin while reducing stress, boosting confidence, and supporting a healthy mindset. Through expert-blended essential oil skincare sourced from the cleanest ingredients and paired with positive affirmations, Essential Rose delivers the physical and emotional aspects of beauty and ritual. Our Mood Oils® marry active ingredients with self-care rituals to bring wellbeing back into your own hands, shifting a toxic beauty paradigm from "you're beautiful because of how you look" to "you're beautiful because of how you live." 

So whether you’re surrounded by 3 screaming kids or caught in traffic, in the throes of starting your own business or navigating a divorce, know that our nourishing aromatherapy skincare Mood Oils® exist to support you. With just a few mindful applications, you too can transform any moment into an opportunity for self-connection and awareness where your beauty truly pours through, while enjoying the abundant outer physical beauty benefits.

Essential Rose is a movement and lifestyle.  Allow our natural beauty products to transform your daily routine into a series of luxurious and healing moments of truly holistic skincare meets self-care.


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