Inspire Mood Set

The Inspire Moodset includes our favorite blends to enliven the senses, induce courage, and connect you with your point of power.  It features essential oils such as cardamom, ginger and patchouli, which invigorate the mind and body and align you with your center so you can move from your empowered core.  Inside you will find our bestselling "Empower Body Oil" and "Indulge Mood Oil."   

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EMPOWER BODY OIL is made with ultra-nourishing, nutrient-rich, and skin-smoothing oils that penetrate deep into the cells to restore the skin, and ground the senses, without leaving a greasy residue.  Applying this lavish oil provides physical and emotional strength and protection, both aligning you with your center while fortifying the skin and senses. 

INDULGE MOOD OIL® is a sensual and invigorating blend of floral and spicy oils to stimulate, inspire, and harmonize the senses. 


1) Take a deep breath

2) Focus on the Empower mantra as you adorn the entire body with "Empower Body Oil."

3) Bring to mind the Indulge mantra as you anoint the pressure points with "Indulge Mood Oil." 

*These products can also be used separately and in the reverse order.*

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