Our Face aromatherapy beauty products collection includes our regenerative face oils, hydrating face toner mists, and exfoliating clay face masks handcrafted to nourish and heal the skin and emotions. Each of our natural aromatherapy beauty products is completely vegan, gluten free, cruelty free, chemical free, synthetic free, paraben free, sulfate free, phthalate free, and free of any additives for an experience of truly holistic skincare and self-care. The face oils repair and regenerate skin-cells for maximum hydration and a dewey glow while leaving the skin silky smooth. They also soothe and balance inner wellbeing. The mists hydrate, cleanse and freshen the skin while clarifying the complexion and mindset. The mask detoxifies the skin and promotes rejuvenation and radiance. Each product combines essential oils used in aromatherapy with positive affirmations and mantras to transform your ordinary skincare routines into mindful self-care rituals. The blends are expert-formulated by our founder, a Certified Advanced Clinical Aromatherapist, who pairs each scent with positive affirmations that match and enhance the biological and psychological effects of the essential oils. The result is an unparalleled inner and outer beauty experience that incorporates active plant-based ingredients with rituals for daily living - leaving you beautiful from the inside out.

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