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As a society, we are so fixated on our external appearance.  So many brands exploit our insecurities by promoting products which fix, alter, and cover up what's most beautiful inside. 

I believe this is a great disservice to us, our healing, and our experience of self-love.  It disconnects us from ourselves because it inaccurately attributes our beauty to something superficial as opposed to what lays beneath the surface -- our passions, our emotions, our hopes and dreams, even our fears and wounds -- the core of who we are, where we've been, and what we're becoming.  

My commitment to you is to provide you tools to recognize just how deep your beauty really goes so you can recognize how beautiful you are -- no makeup and no filter -- and in the process completely restore your relationship with yourself, your lifestyle, and your perspective of the world.  

The most beautiful thing about you is the way you treat yourself every day.  It's your open heart.  Your vulnerability.  Your ability to grow and learn from your mistakes, with grace.  You willingness to surrender and ask for help.  Your confidence to be unapologetically yourself.


1) Mirror Work: When you get up and wash your face and brush your teeth, take an extra moment to look at that beautiful person staring back at you.  The marvelous miracle you are.  The person who has overcome so much, who still gets up each and every morning and tries their best to be a good partner, employee, parent, lover, and more.  Tell yourself how much your love yourself as you are looking at yourself, or if that's too difficult, tell yourself you are WILLING to learn how to love yourself.  Because you're worth it.
2) Meditation: The best way I know how to connect with myself, my emotions, and my inner beauty is through daily meditation.  Meditation makes me a better version of myself.  It calms my nerves, gives me the ability to respond to life as opposed to react, and tunes me in daily to my own fears, hopes, and dreams.  Meditation helps me see where I'm growing and where I must continue to work, without judgement and with grace.
3) Journal: Write yourself a love note, or a love note to God, the Universe, or whatever you feel most connected to.  This will help open your heart, bring your awareness into your bountiful, beautiful heart-space, and connect you with an aspect of your consciousness that is giving, loving, and whole.
4) Nourish your body: In whatever way feels good.  Use luxurious, hydrating oils.  Eat delicious, fatty-rich and nutrient rich foods.  Go to the beach.  Go on a drive.  Go for a walk!  Do whatever feels the most nurturing to your skin, mind, and emotions.  
5) Give: A random act of kindness.  To a stranger.  To someone you know and love.  By giving, we recognize the depths of our hearts and the depths of our beauty.  And, we most certainly get in return.  

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