Top 5 Ways To Make Yourself a Priority Everyday

Top 5 Ways To Make Yourself a Priority Everyday | Essential Rose Life

V-Day may have come and gone, but that’s no reason to put self-love behind you. Actually, we want to keep the #SelfLoveMonth spirit all February long. February can be a hard month, love. First of all, you may still be stuck in the midst of winter depending on your location. The colder, drier days and shorter months. And where on God’s earth is the sun?! Yeah it’ll be over soon, but you have had some long months behind you. That seasonal affective disorder can really wear you down and get you in your feels. You are also probably guilty of taking care of others before yourself. What would it even feel like to prioritize yourself and give yourself what you need? We’re going to get you back on track to becoming your own soulmate - just like Lizzo said!

1. Start Saying No

You may tend to think this is something that is easy to do. Newsflash my friend, it is not. Saying no is one of the hardest and most important self-care practices you can adopt. I get it - you want to be loved, seen, and connected like anyone else, and you deserve it. But that doesn’t mean you have to be a people pleaser and sacrifice your own needs for the needs of everyone around you. On the contrary, the more firm you become with your boundaries, the more authentic you will feel within yourself. The more you will be able to show up fully - not depleted, not drained. In alignment. 

If you say “no” to something because of whatever reason you may have, it’s true - you may be seen as rude, a bitch, or even selfish. But frankly, those judgments are not yours to take on. Setting boundaries is NOT selfish. There’s a fine line between “selfish” and “self-preservation,” and sometimes saying no means taking the steps you need to preserve your health and wellbeing. The fear of hurting others and coming off harsh is not a reason to not say no, because in the process you are saying no to yourself! Stop saying no to yourself and start listening to your needs - everyone else in your life will benefit from you doing so! 

Here’s a little practice - try saying no to ONE thing this week, and see how it feels! Report back via Instagram DM @essentialroselife or email 

2. Adjust Your Expectations

Expectations haunt all of us and they set us up for failure. They come in many forms: what we expect from others, what we expect from ourselves, and what we expect from the universe. If there is one thing I have ever learned on Youtube it is from vlogger Jenna Marbles. In a video titled “30 things I Have Learned in 30 Years,” she states that having low or no expectations can only bring satisfying results. Dismal? Maybe. But the point is, it’s important to strike a balance between planning, doing, and envisioning, with surrender. Allow things to show up in ways you may not have anticipated. Chances are, the universe is delivering exactly what you didn’t even know you needed. 

3. Practice Self-Care

The only way to truly make yourself a priority is to practice yourself(care). Self-care isn’t just an idealistic concept, committing to the latest juice cleanse, or embarking on a solo yoga retreat. It’s about creating the time and space to listen to your body and actually do things that will benefit it. If you need a nap, take it! If you need a salad, eat it! And let’s face it, all of our bodies could probably use a nice, brisk walk in the morning to get started. The point is, you become your best guru just by taking the time to tune into, accept, and honor YOU. So rise and shine, make your bed, and pause before you jet out the door. Take some time to do daily meditation (my personal favorite) and as you inhale the floral and woodsy scents of our Sacred Mood Mist repeat, "I embrace the divine unfolding of my life" and see if you can fully accept it. 

4. Start learning how to let things go

Easier said than done, I know. But holding onto grudges, resentment, and hostile thoughts really isn’t doing anyone any favors. Actually, it’s hurting you more than anyone else. Storing residual tension in your mind and body keeps you blocked and projecting your pain onto your current experiences. So really, you’re just doing yourself a disservice. YouTubing a nice forgiveness or surrender meditation and making it a part of your daily practice will support your inner-freedom and liberation. Plus, then you’ll get good karma on your side. No need for bad juju around you! Breathe it out with some guided affirmations, mama. 

Amplify your forgiveness / surrender practice with our Tranquil Mood Oil, blended with Chamomile and Lavender for soothing and calm. Recite our Tranquil Mantra, “I surrender with fluidity and ease.” 

5. Remember - you are enough just the way you are

This is sort of a trick, but it’s also true. You already have everything you need inside of you. Imperfections and all. You are enough, just the way you are. All of the self-care, rituals, products and lifestyle techniques you’re adopting are not making you “better” or “different” - they’re making you more you. By removing the distractions, fostering self-connection, and helping you fall in love with yourself, they’re bringing you back to yourself in the here and now.

All in all, making yourself a priority everyday doesn’t require jetting off to a fancy healing resort - although if you do go, can you take me with you?! It’s about subtle shifts in mindset you can adopt on a daily basis to relate to yourself with more love and acceptance. Whatever you choose to do, I hope you feel empowered in choosing YOU. 

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