Top 5 Benefits to Using Natural Essential Oils Every Day

Top 5 Benefits to Using Natural Essential Oils Every Day

Better Sleep

There are so many studies that tie back to the importance of having a great sleep every night. And we know this because we feel the impacts of a poor late night’s sleep. We’re groggy, foggy, tense, drinking more coffee than usual, stressed and most likely behind on our work. 

It’s wonderful to find out that essential oils can help you sleep better too! Wow, isn’t that amazing? Absolutely. Essential oils could not be easier to use and our products really take the guessing work out of the equation. 

I personally love putting 5-10 drops of essential oil in my bath water and even in my shower floor if I’m taking a quick shower. The simple act of inhalation allows you to reap the benefits of the essential oils. Imagine doing this before bed, and watch how great you will sleep that night. 

I recommend using these essential oils to secure a better night time sleep: lavender, frankincense, vetiver, marjoram and chamomile. 

More Energy 

Every day brings on a new task and challenge for us to face, and everyday that work load can be really hard when we emotionally don’t feel energized to deal with our tasks. It’s important to look at your life and see if everything that you’re doing is actually in alignment with what you want to do with your life, and really allow yourself to clear out what is dead weight energy, because those things will affect your energy. 

As always, essential oils are not going to fix your problems entirely, but they’ll definitely play a big supporting role in helping you let go of things in your life that no longer serve you. 

When it come to boosting your energy, essential oils really step up to the plate. I mean sure, coffee is great, but that crash we feel when that adrenaline ends is such a bummer. Essential oils like grapefruit, orange, peppermint, and lemon help invigorate your focus and help with your sense of alertness and energy so you can move forward into your day with sustainable energy. 

Longer State of Focus 

Focus, now that can be really challenging these days, especially with all of the social media distractions that pull us in on our lunch break, or just in general suck away our time. 

When we don’t know what we want out of our life, our focus can really fly away from us. So definitely doing a daily check-in to make sure you’re aligned with your higher purpose before embarking on your day’s tasks. We lose so much time when we aren’t focused, and suddenly a task that shouldn’t have taken you longer than 30 minutes has suddenly taken you 2 hours because you’ve been scrolling through social media. 

Essential oils like rosemary, spearmint, sandalwood, and cedarwood can help us feel alert and focused, and that’s magical stuff!

Easier Relaxation 

Everyone wants to be able to let go of work the minute they get home and take off their shoes but sometimes our brains are so hardwired to work, work, work that we simply struggle with relaxing and doing nothing. Luckily we have essential oils to help us out! A few essential oils that will work wonders in helping you unwind are lavender, rose, yang ylang, bergamot and jasmine. The relaxing aromas will help your neural transmitters chill, and your muscles will also learn to let go of unnecessary tension. Essential oils are always a win-win.

Stronger  Immune Support 

Your immune system is a big influencer in your emotional health and your mental clarity. Basically, the bacteria in your stomach acts like signal wires to your brain, and if you’re not receiving adequate nutrients, or worse are dealing with leaky gut syndrome, inflammation or IBS, it can be really hard for you to find clarity and focus because your stomach lining is dealing with major digestion challenges that erupt the natural progression and balance of your body’s natural function. If your gut is struggling, it’s easy to say that your mental state is taking a big hit too. 

Essential oils are a great tool to help your gut and digestion improve in general. It works to calm down the inflammation and can work wonders to support your bowel movement, which is most likely being negatively affected! Yay, healthy poops! haha! As the flu season starts coming into our lives again, this is a really important health tab to check off as covered. Essential oils can help protect and strengthen your overall immune system with ease. Some great essential oils I recommend are eucalyptus, lemon, tea tree and rosemary. 

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