The Power Of Community: Building A Great Support Network

December 03, 2022

Back in 1943, a psychologist named Maslow identified belonging as one of our most fundamental human needs. We have, after all, evolved through community and cooperation. When we find ourselves within a wonderful support network, the people we share our lives with enjoy our sunny days alongside us, while acting as anchors when things get choppy. We give and receive, the reflection and camaraderie that allow us to shine.

At various points in our lives, we may find that we need to build a tribe from the ground up. We may have moved to a new area, or identified that we haven't been keeping the best company. Perhaps we've simply allowed ourselves to drift away from community because of the challenges we've faced. The great news is that we are always surrounded by an amazing tribe that we just haven't discovered yet. There's always space for creating new support networks, or expanding the ones we're already in!

The Benefits Of Interconnectedness

Studies tell us that our human connections are vital to our physical and emotional well being. The caring interactions that we share with others release stress and anxiety busting hormones, protecting our body from the detrimental impacts that stress can have. A strong community safe guards our heart health, and can even help to ward off dementia. One study actually found that those with strong bonds tend to live not only healthier, but longer lives! Fantastically, the health benefits of interconnectedness go both ways, when we are being supported, or when we are the one doing the supporting. Just so long as our support network means that we can always be caught when we need to be.

A great support network means relationships you can count on. It means building a community of people who listen to each other, and communicate openly, without
judgement. The deep connections that carry this kind of weight mean making a
commitment to make time for each other. They mean letting our barriers down enough for trust and respect to flow freely. When we have experienced difficult periods in life – especially so – letting our guard down can feel uncomfortable. The rewards of stepping through and dispelling our discomfort are vast and bountiful. Creating our own healthy and elevating support network is the surest way to feel ourselves blossom.

Our Support Systems Need To Be Diverse

Don't they say that diversity is the spice of life? Seeking out a tribe that is a true mixed bag means gaining different types of support that all hold value. You will be able to tap into a crowd that help you to see problems from all sorts of different angles. We each have our own style of support, and each perspective holds its own unique gifts. Increase your own stability by drawing support that comes in different forms, and know that your presence will add another powerful dynamic to the strength of your tribe.

Seek Out Those Who Speak To Your Aspirations

None of us are perfect – not one! But, we all hold aspirations towards the best-self that we imagine in our minds eye. Seeking out others who display qualities we admire can help us move towards our growth goals. Whether it's a friend who takes the time to look after themselves, or a co-worker who puts their heart into every day at the office: people who fire up our imagination, and remind us of what is possible are the ones we want in our tribe. Connecting with people like this can help us cultivate our own empowering community. One that will provide mutual support towards self-realization, which was also something that featured in Maslow's hierarchy of human needs!

Are You Missing Support That's Already By Your Side?

Most of us don't call our family as often as we should, or stay in touch with old friends as enthusiastically as w'd like to. The biggest mistake we make is not in neglecting those relationships, but in imagining that time apart closes a door behind us. Can you think of someone who played a valuable roll in your life before, be it a family member or a friend? Reaching out to someone who's presence felt nourishing in the past can bring light into both your life and theirs. Revitalizing connections that have faded calls for a certain type of vulnerability, but sometimes can lead us back to allies that we'll treasure.
Why not pick up the phone and make plans to reconnect?

A Virtual Support Network Can Be Just A Click Away

Thanks to our access to all that is virtual, we can build community from the sofa, and in our PJs! My own journey has carried me from a discomfort that led me to push others away, to beginning a quest to connect the women of the world through healing and self- care. Wherever your roam online, I'd love for you to connect with the Essential Rose Sisterhood by joining us on social media. Watch this space for the arrival of the Inner Beauty Community too!

Beyond finding the warm, welcoming comfort of virtual safe spaces, the glorious world of the internet can also help you discover groups and activities in your area. Connect with natural tribe members by dipping a toe into anything from support groups to art classes. Connecting over common ground and shared interests is a beautiful way to build deep and long-lasting bonds.


Be Sure To Support Yourself As Well 

Kindness is one of those things that is best served in every direction! To open ourselves up to the support of others, we must first recognize that we are worthy of support – worthy of love. In this sense, we can begin the work of building a splendrous support network by showing ourself the care and attention that we would wish for others. If you need a little boost, add our Essential Rose Empower Body Oil to your self-love tool kit.
This luxurious and deeply nourishing full-body oil has been created to help you feel confident, centered, and ready for adventure. These are surely perfect starting points from which to seek out kindred souls who can join you on your journey!






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