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Fear is a tricky, tricky thing.  Sometimes, it creeps in when you least expect it. 

...Like when you are presented with an incredible opportunity, or receive abundance.  Really -- why does fear have to crop in when things are actually GOOD?!  

Well, someone asked me why I believe we feel fear as our first, almost habitual response to prosperity, and my answer was "Fear is instinctual."  Think Fight or Flight -- our bodies want to prepare us for the worst outcome, evolutionarily speaking, to protect us, so they drive us to contemplate the worst and most dangerous outcomes.  Thanks body -- we appreciate your good intentions, but you can STOP now, am I right?! 

Truthfully, it takes a lot of self-awareness and conscious "reprogramming" of our thoughts and emotions to decrease our fear, but while we're going through this process -- we can feel the fear and DO IT ANYWAY!  YUP.  How?  By recognizing it, honoring it, and proceeding with our lives as usual.  There is a difference between accepting and wallowing -- we can witness, accept, and press on. 

Here's a deeper dive into my personal experience with fear recently. 

My brand, Essential Rose Life @essentialroselife, just launched on Urban Outfitters, and as exciting as it is, it has also brought up a lot of fear. If it wasn’t for my Marketing Guru @rightupyourallee, I wouldn’t have posted it to social media at all. Deep within my bones, there is a large part of me afraid of failure and rejection.  I’ve thought to myself, “what if they don’t reorder, and the world sees my products are bad and my brand is a failure?” This feeling has pervaded many other areas of growth and abundance. It took me an entire year to be fully convinced The Alchemist’s Kitchen would keep reordering!  But the truth is, through sharing I give other people the opportunity to support me, and to celebrate my wins even if I can’t yet fully myself. If I hide and keep myself locked away in my own fears, this is never possible. And, so what if I fail? So what if they don’t reorder? SO WHAT? The world is not going to end, my brand is not going to collapse, and I am not going to be doomed and unable to pick myself back up. And that goes for you too, whatever fears may be looming over you. I choose to share with you to overcome my fears, to dig into the deepest and most vulnerable parts of myself, so that I can become a recipient of your support, and in turn support you back. The most vulnerable thing we can do is ask for this, and I am ready to do that. 



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