5 Tips for Stress Relief on Stress Awareness Day

5 Tips for Stress Relief on Stress Awareness Day | Essential Rose Life

Does stress make a regular appearance in your life? Each of us are, quite literally, a truly beautiful and complex example of millennia of evolution. Our ability to learn, adapt, and grow is nothing short of awe inspiring! But, when modern life changes around us so quickly, it can be a tall order for our bodies and minds to keep up. Whether you're busy trying to be super-mom, striving to leave your professional mark on the world, or simply juggling to pay the bills, you might find that you are one of the 70% of Americans who gets put through the ringer by stress or anxiety every single day.

When chronic stress goes awry, it can be a real drain on our health and happiness. Fortunately, there are lots of things that we can do to manage stress and boost the balance in our lives. Today, Wednesday 6th November, the world recognizes Stress Awareness Day. The aim is to help shine a light on how stress impacts us all, and to remind us that we are not alone. To celebrate this important event, we encourage you to honor your own well being. Make a pledge to introduce some de-stressing rituals to your daily life! With a little care and attention, you can hone your resilience to stress, and enjoy a far greater sense of tranquillity.

Move your body

Exercise is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal when it comes to banishing stress. It might seem counter-intuitive, but it';s true! Getting our blood pumping sweeps away the stress hormones which hold us in an anxious state. It also flushes our minds with endorphins, which are the wonderful neurotransmitters that make us feel happy and well. This shift in our internal chemistry helps us to focus; to get deeper, more rejuvenating sleep; and to generally feel cool, calm and collected.

If you don't fancy sweating it out in the gym, there's no need to worry. Any form of exercise will do, from joining a dance class to taking up yoga or hiking in nature. So, make a deal with yourself this Stress Awareness Day: that you will begin an exercise experiment. It's time to find your own favorite way to get moving!

Get Unplugged

If we truly ask ourselves, most of us know we overdo it scrolling on our smartphones. The interconnectedness that social media offers us all is wonderful when it comes to staying in touch with what matters. The flip side, however, is that it can also generate a lot of added stress.

From this Stress Awareness Day onward, why not make a promise to yourself to unplug each evening, just an hour or two before you wend your way to bed? Allow your mind to become still, without a real-time connection to all the world's woes. We suspect that after only a couple of weeks you will feel calmer, and far more energized. Too much screen time certainly takes it's toll, so manage stress by reducing your media overload. Let your mind settle and regroup at the end of each day.

Connect With Others

Sometimes life causes our survival systems to get kicked into overdrive, and bringing them back down to earth can be a challenge. Thankfully, we are harmoniously hardwired, as time spent with those we love offers a natural antidote. Socializing is a great way to manage stress, as it triggers a powerful duo of brain chemicals.

Oxytocin and dopamine are released whenever we enjoy time with our personal crew. These two handy hormones make us feel content and inspired, while cutting stress right down to size. With this in mind, on Stress Awareness Day, why not reach out to special members of your tribe, and commit to some dates when you can get together? Enjoy playful interactions, engage in a decent catch up, and feel your stress melt away.

Write It Down

Keeping a journal might seem like a self indulgence, but it can reveal more of your inner workings than you might imagine. Give yourself the gift of a notebook and a pen this Stress Awareness Day. Take a moment to write down two simple things. Firstly: what is making you feel stressed? By identifying patterns of stress in our lives, we can begin to see what we might be able to say no to! Not all sources of stress are within our control, but by naming the ones that are, we open up space to do something about them.

The second thing to note down is: what do you feel grateful for? When we feel wrapped up in stress, it can be easy to loose sight of all of the wonderful things we have going on. Practicing gratitude by calling good things to mind can alleviate anxiety, and help us manage stress better. Journaling our gratitude can help us establish the harmonious habit of drawing strength from the positive.

Develop A Sleep Ritual

Sleep is absolutely crucial for all of our bodily functions! Unfortunately, stress causes hyper-arousal, which skews the balance between sleep and wakefulness. Our tired minds are not well equipped to manage stress, which can leave us on a slippery slope towards ill health.

It is a happy reality, then, that all of the actions above will help you to get a restful night's sleep. Dropping evening screen time will reduce your blue light exposure, which has likely been disrupting your natural circadian rhythm. The hormones released by exercising, and spending time with others, will also support your capacity to shut down and sink into dreamland. With those excellent practices in place, a sleep ritual is the natural way to support yourself even further.

Your unique ritual can be whatever you want it to be, but there are a few different things you can try. You could take a hot bath, and then practice a little meditation. Or, perhaps do a breathing exercise to slide into a more restful state. Because self-care is so important to the body and mind, we recommend making Tranquil Mood Oil® a part of your evening routine. Allow this restorative blend of essential oils to unfurl your inner calm, and release the day's tensions.

This Stress Awareness Day, claim a little time for yourself and begin a transformative journey towards a happier, healthier you!

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