Spring Cleansing Ritual: Tools For Emotional Cleansing

March 27, 2023

Spring Cleansing Ritual: Tools For Emotional Cleansing | Essential Rose Life

Spring cleaning is not just about dusting away the cobwebs, transitioning out our winter wardrobes, and making our spaces feel more tidy and pristine.  Sure, a physical cleaning is always welcome and may even be necessary to clear the way to a promising new season.  Yet the seasonal transition can be an even more cathartic process for our mental and emotional states, and require more introspection, especially if we are intentional about the journey (intention is everything)!

If winter is the time of introversion, hibernation, darkness and retreat, then spring is vibrancy, creativity, extroversion and manifestation.  It’s taking the wisdom gained through the more passive, yet hyper-vigilant phase of decreased light and activity as fuel for inspired action, focused creation, and bringing to fruition what we truly desire and need.

Spring is rebirth!  It’s exciting, and it can also be overwhelming…To be reborn we must first become aware of all we are shedding


The weight of unsupportive thought patterns that no longer serve us.

The weight of unsupportive relationships that we’ve outgrown.

The weight of habitual behaviors that drain or deplete our energy and don’t propel us forward in the direction of our truth and dreams.

The weight of neglecting our own intuition and living according to other people’s guidelines and timelines for us.

…And then gain clarity on exactly what we seek to bring into existence.

Ultimately, it comes down to this: who and what are we letting go of to become who and what we are becoming?  The answers may not be easy, but the gentle authentic awareness is always the first step to growth, healing and development.

So to support your inner (and outer) cleansing process, here’s a special clarifying ritual you can try this week.


tools include: Palo Santo / Sage, journal, citrus essential oils

1) Light a stick of Sage / Palo Santo and waft the smoke throughout your room, your quiet ritual space, your hallways, the rooms of your house, the kitchen, etc.  Palo Santo / Sage has the ability to clear space, promote clarity, purify the air and emotions, and create an experience of “clean slate” to transition to a new time.  The sticks are great to use at the start of all rituals, and particularly ones around cleansing / clarifying / intention-setting. Only a little smoke is needed to create a powerful effect.

2)  Grab your favorite “cleansing” essential oils. Essential oils have the power to promote emotional awareness as the oils permeate through the nose directly into the limbic system of the brain.  Cleansing essential oils include citrus oils such as Lemon, Bergamot, Neroli, Orange, etc, and conifer oils such as Pine, Spruce, Juniper, Cedarwood, etc.

        Drop 5 drops of essential oil into a tablespoon of Olive Oil / Coconut Oil and rub directly onto the chest, heart center, and neck.  Breathe in the clarifying, uplifting aroma. Carry EOs on you and use as needed throughout the day.

        *Try our Sacred Presence Mood Mist made with Neroli, Sage and Pine to promote mindfulness and clarity.*

3) Start journaling.  Use the above prompts to get clear on your internal state: who and what are you releasing, and who and what are you becoming?  What do you need to leave behind and what do you need to make room for? Take your time here - devote at least 15 minutes - to really get into a state of meditation and authenticity as you write.  Go beyond the surface of what you think is right and touch the center of your soul. No desire is too big, too small, shameful or embarrassing. Don’t overthink it - just write and see what comes up.  Put the pen down when you need to, take breaks, and keep going! Write until you feel clear and like your voice is being heard.

4) Make a copy of your notes and bury it outside! Yes, we’re going to literally plant the seeds here!  Make a copy of your notes, find a beautiful tree or spot outside in your backyard, and get digging!  Dig enough so you can bury your notes completely in the earth and have them fully covered. Symbolically “plant the seeds” to really seal in your desires and commitment to yourself.  As you dig and plant, think about planting the seeds of your intentions, and your daily activities as watering and giving life to them. Know with each day as the grass grows, so too do your emotional seeds, which lay just beneath the surface!

5) Keep the original copy next to your bed, nightstand, underneath your pillow, or somewhere you will think about it daily.  Consistency is key, so keep these notes handy.  Look at them, remember them, embody them. The more you bring them to mind with ease, the more likely they are to subconsciously drive your behaviors and actions and manifest before your eyes.



Plant - Spring Cleansing Ritual Tools for emotional cleansing


Text - Spring Cleansing Ritual Tools for emotional cleansing



Sweets - Spring Cleansing Ritual Tools for emotional cleansing


Text - Spring Cleansing Ritual Tools for emotional cleansing



Bottle - Spring Cleansing Ritual Tools for emotional cleansing

Text - Spring Cleansing Ritual Tools for emotional cleansing


Bottle - Spring Cleansing Ritual Tools for emotional cleansing

Text - Spring Cleansing Ritual Tools for emotional cleansing



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Text - Spring Cleansing Ritual Tools for emotional cleansing


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