Spring Cleaning Rituals: Cleansing Body, Mind, and Spirit

Spring Cleaning Rituals: Cleansing Body, Mind, and Spirit | Essential Rose Life

With Spring on the horizon, now is the most ideal time to refresh your life. I mean it - your home, your body, your mind, and everything else. Spring symbolizes rebirth, renewal, and awakening. With the darker days of winter now behind us, we can look forward to warmth and light, birds chirping, and a sense of new beginnings. 

What are some of the most enjoyable ways to celebrate this renewal in the air? We have some great tips to refresh the life around you during this Spring Equinox. We also have some fun twists on the spring cleaning classics - even clean ups need to be revamped a little! 

Home Cleansing

Spring cleaning, who? How about spring CLEANSING. Cleaning = making things look like new again. Cleansing = flushing things out to make room for the new. Gut out the closet and pull a Marie Condo - if it doesn’t give you joy, then to Goodwill it goes! Use this time to get rid of whatever isn’t serving you. Clothing that no longer represents your vibe? Old papers, pictures, trinkets? Less is more, love. Living in a clean, clear, and minimal space supports your clear thinking and organization. 

Then, get out your favorite natural cleaning supplies. Essential oils like Tea Tree, Grapefruit, and Eucalyptus make incredible cleansing agents. Drop some of those oils into a spray bottle of White Wine Vinegar and mist away - cleansing your surfaces while clearing and purifying the air, and your mind. 

***Be sure to let air flow freely through the home before and after for maximum benefits.***

Clean Eating

Go to your pantry and fridge and clear out all of those processed foods, and as much as I hate to say it - sugar. When you go to the grocery store to fill your home with good foods, make a checklist of healthy, organic, and clean. My philosophy is, you can’t go wrong with whole foods (and not the store, I mean actual whole, unprocessed foods!). Start by cutting out processed foods that come heavily packaged ( you can check labels to see exactly what is in something and if it’s been processed). Opt for fresh veggies and fruits, nut milks, and, if you eat meat, grass fed and organic. This ensures you are eating everything in its natural state and not consuming any additives that aren’t meant to naturally be in your body. Don’t forget, start and end the day with a glass of water and to drink a cup before every meal to make you fuller faster and for longer to reduce snacking!

***PS - don’t go crazy with this! 

Emotional Cleansing

Delete his number. Unfollow anyone that makes you cringe every time you see their username. Treat yourself as your #1. Emotional cleansing is actually one of the most difficult cleaning rituals there is to do. You want the honest answer as to why? Because it forces you to make a commitment to choosing it every. single. day. And not even day - but minute. It is a lot of work. Because those things take dedication and may not pop up all at once, they’re always a work in progress. This shouldn’t scare you from doing it, however. When you work at something long and hard enough, you find it usually to be the most rewarding. The result of putting delicate minutes and seconds into fine-tuning yourself will give you incredible rewards like knowing your worth and never settling.

Take time every day to decide what you need to change in your routine and follow accordingly. Meditate in the morning and night to give yourself a few minutes to really breathe and decompress. Stop seeing that ex and instead go on a date with someone new. Stop talking negatively about yourself and give yourself a new do. When you’re feeling unimportant, take your dog for a walk because they’ll be even more grateful for you! Work at something a little bit every day and your spring will give you a lot more than just a renewal for the season, but for your life.

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