Why Beauty Needs Sisterhood

June 11, 2023

Why Beauty Needs Sisterhood | Essential Rose Life


Growing up, my relationships with women were strained. There was betrayal, gossiping, rumors and talking behind each other’s backs - and I participated in propagating this un-safety. There was this sense of “everyone out for themselves” that left a lasting imprint on my psychology. 

What I ultimately recognized was that beneath the surface of whatever behaviors our insecurities may manifest as, we all crave a safe space to land, especially as women committed to our personal growth. We seek to be seen, to be loved, to have an opportunity to take off of our masks, and to be appreciated for the very essence of who we are without needing to measure up to anyone’s standards.  

This is where the Inner Beauty Community comes into play.

When you join us on Facebook, you will see our community is a safe and sacred space where women around the globe can come together in the spirit of self-care and sisterhood. Any person who identifies as a woman on a personal growth journey is welcome here with open arms. While it can be hard to commit to your self-care on your own, having a community of likeminded sisters can make it easier and more enjoyable. Here, you will receive the tools you need to transform your self-relationship and the communal support to thrive.

Having a community, a sisterhood, and a network of likeminded women is essential to our development. 

Nothing grows in isolation or a vacuum.    

Actually, shame does. And self-judgment. Not feeling good enough. Feeling different or other then. When we come together and let ourselves be seen, we recognize that we are wholly human, and wholly lovable. Whatever we’re going through, someone else has been through, and whatever someone else is going through, we can see ourselves in them and have compassion. For our self-care journey, this is crucial. Knowing we are not alone and exactly where we need to be on our path. 

As an inner and outer beauty brand, Essential Rose has always had this greater mission to bring women together in the spirit of self-love and sisterhood. 

Welcome, sister - you belong here! Click here to join us.

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