Why Beauty Needs Sisterhood

June 11, 2019

Why Beauty Needs Sisterhood | Essential Rose Life


Growing up, my relationships with females were laced with toxicity - betrayal, gossiping, rumors and talking behind each other’s backs - and I participated in propagating this unsafety.  My own discomfort with my femininity made it difficult for me to embrace other women in my life as friends, role models, and guides.  I found females to be catty, venomous, and intense.  There was this sense of “everyone out for themselves” that left a lasting imprint on my psychology. 

What I ultimately recognized was that beneath the surface of whatever behaviors our insecurities may manifest as, we all crave a safe space to land, especially women.  We seek to be seen, to be loved, to have an opportunity to take off of our masks, and to be appreciated for the very essence of who we are without needing to measure up to anyone’s standards. 

This is where sisterhood comes into play.

Having a community, a sisterhood, and a network of likeminded girls and women is essential to our growth and development.  When we come together in circle, whether in person or virtually, we create an impermeable vortex of emotional safety where what is contained is the very essence of who we are being reflected back to us in the other.  It’s this vortex that supports the capacity for deep healing and transformation on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Nothing grows in isolation or a vacuum.    

Actually, shame does. Shame feeds off of that which we do not give a voice to.  When we come together and make ourselves vulnerable, having the embrace of our sisters who see our truth dissolves shame as we recognize that we are wholly lovable.  There is nothing that’s “too much” for the group container to hold - what a relief!  Whatever we’re going through, someone else has been through, and whatever someone else is going through, we can see ourselves and our journeys in them and have more compassion for ourselves, the other and the world in general. 

When we come together, each individual petal becomes the magnificence of the Rose.  It’s the group think phenomenon, where the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts.  Things emerge in partnership and collaboration that would ordinarily remain undiscovered without the safe space for ideas, thoughts and emotions to be explored and to flourish.

I created Essential Rose as an inner and outer beauty brand.  Besides products, there has always been this greater mission to teach and support women and bring women together in community. 

I know that an essential part of teaching, supporting, and healing women is creating such a community where women can come together to share their experiences and be seen for the beauty of who they are. Having a nurturing and non-judgmental support system of likeminded women is powerful medicine that heals our hearts, disbands competition, and transmutes negativity, jealousy and viciousness into energy for our evolution and empowerment. 

The Inner Beauty Community is my way to offer the women of the world an entire beauty lifestyle rooted in community, partnership, collaboration, and sisterhood. Of course it will include the products, but they will be lovingly wrapped in the context of practical lifestyle skills, inspiring content, daily rituals, and virtual meet ups.  All of this will be housed in a supportive and nurturing network that lifts you daily.  The Inner Beauty Community is a space for women to receive the physical and emotional resources they may need to dive into their own transformation, to show up authentically as who they are, to own the fruits of their journeys, and to revel in their innate power.

This is beauty revealed. 

Finally, we’re going deeper than what the beauty industry typically offers to create a movement - beauty without and most importantly - within that celebrates your vulnerability, encourages the beautiful opening of your heart, and supports the most unique, empowered, and unfiltered version of you to emerge as your Inner Rose. 

Welcome to the Inner Beauty Community!

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