Self-Love Guide to Be Your Own Valentine

Self-Love Guide to Be Your Own Valentine | Essential Rose Life

Waiting for Prince or Princess Charming to come sweep you off your feet is so last year, girlfriend. This V-Day, we’re giving all the power back to you. Whether you’re in a partnership, happily flying solo, or it’s your first year in a while you’re celebrating on your own, YOU have got the best Valentine anyone can possibly ask for - aka, yourself. So, why not treat yourself like the queen you are?

This Valentine’s Day is going to be rockin’ because you’re prioritizing self-love and romancing yourself. Think lots of roses, maybe a spa day, and gifts for your own damn self. And, you may like it so much you decide you won’t ever need another Valentine again except for you - we totally understand! 

Rose Essential Oil

Besides the delicate, infamous rose scent, rose essential oil, also known in mythology as the “queen of flowers,” is one of the most overlooked of its kind! Not just theee most romantic, sensual, and iconic symbol of LOVE amongst all flowers and oils, it’s also super functional. Because it has a pretty connotation, people tend to think it’s all for scent and not for show. First and foremost, rose is a natural aphrodisiac, so take a deep inhale, light some of your favorite candles, and sensualize yourself! Your self-love time will never be the same. But more than just put you in theeee mood, diffusing rose can help relieve stress, lowering blood pressure and even your heart rate. Studies show that people who diffuse rose while falling asleep not only fall asleep easier, but are also better able to stay asleep throughout the night. 

In regards to your skin, putting rose oil directly onto your skin or adding it to your favorite skin care oil (aka Rose Gold Face Oil - our number one girl) can hydrate dry skin, reduce signs of aging, nearly eliminate appearance of scars, and reduce redness and symptoms from acne, eczema, and rosacea. Rose is a heal-all - it’s no wonder wars were fought over her! 

Self-Love Practices For The Day

Start the day on a positive note. Your intentions truly matter. I don’t know about you, but whether I will be with someone or not on Valentine’s Day, I know February 14th is going to be a great day because I’m taking the time to create it on my terms. i.e. I’m setting the intention to be mindful, take extra care of myself through self-loving activities, and fill my day with things I love and that make me feel good inside out. Because I have that intention, my actions will follow, and I will set my day up for self-loving success - I hope you do too! Start now - what’s your V’Day self-love intention?!

Write yourself a little (or long) love note or a positive affirmation for the day. 

If you know that today can get to you, make sure you give yourself a little reminder that you are worth it, you are enough, and you are loved. Grab your journal and reflect on your inner and outer beauty. Write about your warm personality, your favorite characteristics, even note your flaws and find grace for your imperfections. Take time to really honor the unique beauty that is you, in all of your glory. Sign it at the end, and maybe even rip it out of your journal and keep it in your purse or place it under your pillow! Remind yourself throughout the day how worthy you are of your love and affection.   

Celebrate yourself all day long. 

Sometimes celebrating means a night out dancing, and sometimes it means cozying up with a good book so you can wake up early the next day and kick the day off with clarity and energy. V-Day Morning, keep your phone on airplane mode, listen to a guided meditation, and treat yourself to activities that fill your cup. Make yourself a beautiful breakfast, buy yourself roses, and turn it into a holiday designed to celebrate your essence. Cancel any plans that you’re on the fence about, and listen to your mind and body’s needs. The message is - you are worthy of celebrating - on V’Day and beyond!  

Gift Ideas (For You!)

Spa Night?

Oh, and every celebration needs GIFTS. There is absolutely nothing wrong with spoiling yourself. On the contrary, it’s healthy to treat yourself like the queen you are. I know most of us love chocolate, but come on. Sometimes mama wants a little glitter and some of the finer things, you feel? Give yourself an at-home spa night by applying some Rose Gold Face Oil while laying in a candle-lit bubble bath with your fav book or podcast playing in the background. 

Girlfriend Time? 

Are you having girlfriends over to get tea drunk with? Self-care together by making it a mask night. Play with our Goddess Clay Mask to help remove the day’s oils and dead skin, while revealing the queen you are within. Packed with Rosehip Seed and Rose Clay for skin purification and soul radiance. 

Functional Fragrance!

Top it all off with our favorite natural rose perfume - Indulge Mood Oil. The perfect combination of sweet and spicy essential oils, Rose and Cardamom get your heart open and your senses going for ultimate self-connection and inspiration. Pull some oracle cards, roll onto the wrists and temples, and tap into your intuition. 

Valentine’s Day can be the ultimate day to show yourself how much you’re really worth. Spoiler alert - it’s A LOT! Practice treating yourself on this day to all of the beauty, joy, and self-care you deserve. Today is all about #TreatYourself and most importantly #LOVEYourself, because the world is better when you do! Make this day all about you (and if you have someone in your life, don’t forget to spoil them, too!) and make the best of it. And hey, if nothing else, February 15th is National 75% Off Chocolate Day. 

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