Self-Care Tips for Mental Health

Self-Care Tips for Mental Health

Self-Care Tips for Mental Health

Learning to listen to our emotions and be compassionate with ourselves is something that takes a lot of courage. Especially since our society praises us for pushing through, working hard and putting our own emotional health aside for the betterment of the work. 

But ultimately we pay the price when we cancel out our emotional life, and it causes so much harm on the physical body and drains you energetically!

I think this precedented time of Covid-19 is a real opportunity for us all to rise and show up for ourselves with compassion, integrity and ownership over everything that makes you you

During this time I’ve seen a lot of trauma responses rise up as we begin to default to what we normally do at our most anxious state. We’ve all made harmful micro choices on our health as a way to self-soothe during this time- like eating lots and lots of chips over veggies, staying in pyjamas all day, watching mind-numbing tv for hours, scrolling through instagram for way too long and so on and so forth. 

It’s not easy to change our habits, but gosh do we feel better when we choose to take care of us. And it shows up in healthier relationships with our bodies, our friends and family, and most importantly the relationship you have with yourself!

 I am finding it feels good to be kind to others, sure, but it feels even better to be kind to our bodies, our minds and our overall life experiences because then we can really fully show up to help others instead of feeling the moral pressure to be kind, without actually coming from an honest, personal place

I’ve gathered a list of some self-care tips to support you on your mental health recovery journey. These are tips in my mental health toolkit that have helped me so far, but it’s important to remember that you can totally take these tips and mold them into how they work in your own life. 

Like mental health, everyone does it differently and our emotional health needs change moment to moment. Speak to a professional if you feel too overwhelmed and unable to cope with your mental health. There’s always someone here for you! 

Carve Out Time Every Morning to

Take Deep Breaths 

Carving out time for you to take deep breaths and relax in the safety of your body and spirit makes such a difference in your mental clarity. And it also proves to you that you’re always the priority, and that no matter what is going on around you, this inner place of calmness and stillness can never be taken from you.

 It’s helpful to search for the term mindfulness guided meditation and find videos that help you learn the practice of meditation without the pressure. This is a great way to learn the practice of meditation and it’s a gift to yourself every morning. 

Journal Every Day Without Judgement 

Often our outer life experiences reflect our inner life trauma and mental health obstacles, so taking time to notate what is coming up for you through stream of consciousness writing. And if you don’t know that term, it just means that you write without judgement and avoid any punctuation. It’s a purely unfiltered brain dump exercise that I show up to do every evening before bed and ideally in the morning before my day really kicks off. 

You’ll start to feel lighter and more emotionally open to new life experiences that come your way because you’ve let go of what isn’t yours to hold onto, and even if it something you’re navigating, it helps to write it out and know that we’re not being judged or criticized for our thoughts. 

Learn to Simply Let Emotions Holding You Back Go

For me, this has been a transformative tool so far. At first it seems way too simple to be true, but it really does work. It’s also known as the ‘letting go technique’ and the way it works is when an emotion is really holding onto you, and you feel really locked under it, you simply stay with it, and then let it go by accepting it and releasing it from your energy sphere. 

Emotions, like everything around us, are made of energy and vibrations. Emotions like apathy and depression have the lowest vibrations, where joy and courage for example, are higher in the vibrational frequency they omit.

 When people talk about the law of attraction, this is an important element to consider in that you will have a harder time attracting what you want when you’re at a lower vibrational energy and emotional frequency. 

It takes a lot of energy to be guarded and defensive over our emotions, so much so that we actually experience faster burn out from this type of holding, so remember that the first step to letting go of heavy emotions is to accept them, and then learn to let them go. 

Embrace Your Weird, Silly Side Without Judgment

As we get older we start to tuck away different sides of ourselves that have previously been pain points, or things people bullied us for. I remember being told I was super weird a lot when I was younger because I was silly, made funny voices or did fun little games with my friends. 

But actually those unique quirks are what make you who you are and hiding those elements of you are hurting you instead. 

So embrace all those silly sides of you and find creative channels to express them so that they can live in this universe with you! There’s always someone who will connect with your self expression no matter what, because your human experience is universal and transcendent! 

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