What Can the Benefits of Rose Oil Bring You?

What Can the Benefits of Rose Oil Bring You? | Essential Rose Life

Happy Self-Love Month, goddess! Maybe you’re not feeling the love in the air, but can you try and smell the roses? You deserve to pamper yourself with all rose everything. And not just because it smells divine - but because research shows it’s therapeutic for your skin and spirit.

Of course, with Valentine’s Day around the corner roses are selling out on shelves everywhere. But do you know who always has a bottle of rose oil on hand no matter where she goes? *Waving hand emoji* this girl! I do I do I do! I’m going to reveal all of the self-loving benefits that rose oil products have in store for you this Valentine’s Day and beyond so you can be your best self-love companion and gift yourself the gift of sweet healing luxury.

Why Rose Oil?

Rose Oil has been making headlines in the beauty industry lately. The newest sensation has everyone talking - something that smells incredible is also great for your skin and mood?! YES! They’re not wrong! 

Before we dive in, the main rose flower species’ used to create rose essential oil are Rosa damascena (damask rose), Rosa centifolia (cabbage rose), and Rosa alba (the white rose of York) since they all have the strongest scents and highest oil content than others. So, make sure the products you’re using contain one of these - although Rosa damascena is arguably theeee best as it’s the most medicinal and pure. Essential Rose products source Rosa damascena Absolute, which is infused in Jojoba Oil (also an incredible elixir for your skin, but more on Jojoba in a future blog :)). 

When used in aromatherapy, rose oil is proven to improve cognition through impacting the limbic system in the brain. The limbic system, also called the “seat of emotion,” is where we process our emotions, instincts, memories, and associations, as well as regulate our hormone production. This means rose oil typically induces physiological effects that create a stronger and more alert nervous system that helps us process our memories and soothe our emotions. It also triggers serotonin and dopamine (happy hormones!) to be released, which is why we tend to smile or get happy from smelling roses. 

When applied to the skin, rose oil aids in reducing inflammation and even redness. It has been proven that drops of rose oil remove pain from injured areas of skin, as well (ahhhmazing!) The overall wellness of skin is improved when rose oil is applied on a consistent basis - making it softer, smoother, and less irritated, and reducing acne and other skin conditions. Speaking of acne, it can be a natural healer when painful breakouts occur.

Not only is she good for mood and skin, but she actually supports the healthy functioning of our reproductive system! Decompressing with rose oil by dropping it onto a warm compress or massaging it directly into the belly can be beneficial in lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, and dulling chronic ailments caused from menopause. Hot flashes, mood swings, and low libido can all be aided when diffusing rose oil on a daily basis.

And can I make one compelling argument that will make you love rose oil? IT. IS. ROSES! Pink, red, and white, beautiful-smelling, pretty roses! Thank you for coming to my TedTalk.

What Products Have It?

Almost all of our products have some form of rose oil in it due to its abundant proven benefits...and also, cuz of that smell tho! 

In our Rose Gold Face Oil, rose oil highlights and beautifies that gorgeous face of yours! Adding a couple of drops onto your face daily will provide smooth, supple skin with an extra glow. It also combats wrinkles and damaged skin for graceful aging. 

In our Indulge Mood Oil, we infused rose oil with cardamom to provide self-connection and invigoration for our busy, go-getting babes. The mantra of our Indulge is that you are powerful and inspired, tell yourself, “I move from my power and intuition.” Indulge gives you the grounding, inspiration, and mindful moment you need to tackle any day.

Our Goddess Clay Exfoliant is a gentle cleansing powder that will instantly give you vibrant, renewed skin and rejuvenate your senses. Just mix with water and massage into the skin like an exfoliant, but let dry and harden like a mask for purified, detoxified, and glowing skin. Follow up with our “Rose Gold Face Oil” and "Sacred Mood Mist" for ultimate hydration, regeneration, and skin and soul healing. 

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