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For you: my busy, go-getting soul sister who knows you should meditate but also gets kind of freaked out by the idea of sitting still for extended periods of time or just doesn't know how to schedule it in to your “real” LIFE...

In the Essential Rose Spellbook this week we're featuring a No-Meditation, Guided Meditation.  

Aka.. No-Meditation, No Excuses (like what I did there?)…except it is a meditation, just not the intimidating kind, or the kind you have to plan ahead of time, which leaves ample room for excuses. 

Whether you’re in the middle of bumper to bumper traffic (the worst), a packed grocery store with people driving you crazy (are they blind or just super unconscious with their carts?!), at work or at home with the kids (aka work after work), this No-Meditation, Guided Meditation is for YOU!

PS - I LOVE to meditate and find it incredibly beneficial for balancing my mental and emotional health.  If you can designate 10-20 minutes each morning for it, I highly recommend it.  But if not, or you are still working your way up to that, then prioritizing "mindful moments" like the below will help bring the benefits of a more formal seated meditation into your daily life.  I understand how scary it can be to commit to meditation, and how unrealistic it can feel in the midst of the chaos of real-life things: that's why this No-Meditation, Guided Meditation is for you!

No-Meditation, Guided Meditation

  1. Wherever you are (and I mean WHEREVER - aka the grocery store, at your desk at work, parked in your car, etc): stop, drop & take 5 deep breaths.  Inhale through the nose into the belly. Exhale through the mouth.  Feel the belly rise and fall and bring your awareness to the sensation of breathing; without judgment. 
  2. Look around and notice your surroundings. Take stock of what you’re seeing.  Heighten your experience by engaging all of the senses, “What does the scenery look like?” “What does it smell like?” “What can you hear?” “What does it feel like?” (hint: engaging the senses is key to experiencing “mindfulness,” as it helps us to more fully pay attention, on purpose, in the present moment.  Bring attention to each of the senses and get playful!  Inquire within about how your senses are responding to the moment you're in. 
  3. In your mind, list three things that you are grateful for right here, right now.  They can be as specific as “I am grateful for the meal I had yesterday with this person that made me realize x.”  Or, they can be more vague: “I am grateful for my warm bed, my health, my family.”  List the first three things that come to mind without thinking too hard about it. 
  4. Then, list three people you love and send them loving energy from where you are.  Visualize your heart opening, and white light spreading out from your heart into theirs.  See yourself connected to the person through this white light, nourishing and strengthening your connection. 
  5. Finish the meditation by sending some loving energy back to yourself! You deserve it. 
  6. Take stock of how long this whole thing takes and see if you can do it spontaneously throughout each day! 

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