How to Set Supportive New Year Intentions

How to Set Supportive New Year Intentions | Essential Rose Life

I don’t know about you, but the new year gives me anxiety no matter how incredible the year has been overall.  As symbolic as it is to embrace the new year each January, it also feels like so much pressure to start over anew, reset and achieve new goals, and want to strive to be and do even “better” than last year.

This New Year, let's abolish “New Year New You” and instead embody with even more fullness who we already are.  Let's connect more authentically and honestly with our dreams and set heartfelt intentions, while releasing unrealistic pressure and rigid expectations that make us feel tense and restricted.  Let’s dive deeper into self-love, facilitate stronger self-connection, and commit to strengthening our awareness of ourselves so we can take even better care of ourselves and know what we need.  

Let’s release fear and self-doubt and the parts of ourselves that shame our imperfections, try and hurry our process, and are afraid of embracing the very moment which is so nutritious to bearing fruit to the future we envision.  Let’s take it one step at a time, one moment at a time, one breath at a time, and give ourselves that luxury! - even though we may feel boxed into needing to have a whole plan already laid out for ourselves for the year ahead.

Let’s embrace the unknown, surrender to the incredible possibilities, and dig deep within ourselves to meet a sense of trust and inner-knowing that where we’re going is already a part of who we are. 


(20 minutes)

1) Grab a journal, your favorite essential oil, a cushion, and find a cozy spot. 

2) Apply your essential oil (we recommend Indulge Mood Oil) to the wrists, temples, backs of the ears and neck.  Inhale the beautiful aroma while placing your hands on your heart.  

3) Begin to breathe into your heart, becoming present in your body and in the moment. Take 5 minutes here in silent meditation, noticing the sensations of your body without judgment (and if you judge, see if you can release judgment about judging!).

4) Open your journal and free-write to the following prompts with as much time as you need:

-2019 Blessings Were...

-2019 Growth Included...

-2019 Ways I loved Myself...

-2019 Opportunities and Possibilities...

-2019 Ways I Will Love Myself Deeper Daily...

-2019 Mantra (choose one word / phrase to encapsulate the year)

5) Close your journal, thank yourself for doing the work, and review the journal each night before bed or when you wake up each morning.

We hope you enjoy this ritual and consider this journal entry a fluid "womanifesto" (document) you can come back to time and time again and update as your 2019 shifts and transforms overtime.  From the Essential Rose Family - we LOVE you, we SUPPORT you, and we are here riding this journey (into 2019 and beyond) with you, one step at a time!  

Have a gorgeous new year and entry into 2019! 

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