How To Simplify Your Self-Care in 3 Easy Steps

How To Simplify Your Self-Care in 3 Easy Steps

Taking care of yourself doesn't have to be complicated. If you’re anything like me, you get super excited by all the products out there that you want to try, maybe you even collect them like a hoarder #nojudgment. You have your drawers filled to the brim with lip balms and eye creams and essential oils and bath salts...aka all the things that you want to feel and look beautiful. This is all well and good and I’m sure you’ve collected a lot of incredible products over time, but the way to simplify your self-care is to simplify your routine.

First Step's First...

Ditch the multi-step routines that call for elaborate processes. I remember when I was a little girl, I went into the bathroom and saw my grandmother getting ready for bed - she had a 7 step skincare regimen and I couldn’t understand why she was putting so much stuff on her face. Now, a much older little girl (at heart), I get the appeal but it’s really not necessary! Less is more when it comes to skincare and self-care. And nature is so powerful that even one ingredient has multiple benefits that can do multiple things and serve your skin and mood in multiple ways.

Let's look at Lavender to show you what I mean. Lavender is known as the "Mother of Aromatherapy" - and for good reason! Lavender is an incredible heal-all for the body, mind, and skin; it heals wounds, cleanses the skin, eliminates bacterial growth, clarifies complexion, relieves inflammation, soothes muscles, balances the nervous system, acts as a mild sedative and SO MUCH MORE. Incorporating Lavender into your personal care routine combines body, mind, and skin benefits all into one - think silkier, smoother, clearer skin, thick, shiny hair, relaxed body and muscles, and a brightened and uplifted mood.

Choosing products that are multipurpose helps you harness the multitude benefits nature has to offer so you can pare down, slow down, and simplify, making your routine less overwhelming and more of something you enjoy. For example, our Empower Body Oil can be used on hair, nails, skin, your whole entire body. Not only do its natural plant-based ingredients hydrate, soothe and repair damaged skin, regenerate skin cells, deeply moisturize, and balance the skin’s oil production, they also have an aromatherapy twist with pleasant smelling and confidence-boosting essential oils the create a moment of mindfulness. And, with the Empower Mantra that you recite during use, "I embody strength from the core of my being," you really can use this one product to beautify your entire body, hair, and nails, as well as adopt an empowered and beautiful mindset.


Set yourself up for success! Make self-care easier by keeping your products in places where you know you're going to use them. Leave a Mood Mist by your nightstand so you can mist and refresh your skin and spirit as you get into bed or in the morning. Leave a Mood Oil in your purse so you don’t have to think twice before taking it out on the go when you’re stuck in traffic, in between meetings, etc, and can get your self-care on at a moment's notice. Leave your Face Oil on the shelf by your sink, so that as soon as you wake up each morning it becomes a habit to drop it into your palms and massage it right into your skin after you wash your face. Leave your Goddess mask by the bath so that when you go for your self-care Sunday bathtub selfie, you have the mask ready and waiting just to mix with water.


It can be overwhelming when you’re constantly seeking answers outside of yourself. You see the newest product and trend telling you that you need x y and z to look and live beautifully and to enhance your life. The truth is, you know what you need and when you reorient your attention to checking in with yourself on a daily basis, then you can tend to your needs properly. So before you go and book the next health conference, or your flight for the newest yoga retreat, or race to the grocery store to buy all the ingredients for the new cleanse you found on your favorite blog, check-in, pause, and make space for yourself to create a positive self-relationship. Then, you’ll be able to respond to life from your intuition - that’s self-care really starts. It begins with simple self-awareness that gives you the information you need to make decisions that are truly in your mind and body's best interests. 

Oh, and that’s another point…

Be consistent with your self-care.

Consistency creates routine, and routine becomes habitual. Your habitual actions become second nature instead of effortful. They just become what you do - you make the bed, brush your teeth, put on your multipurpose products, do your meditation, check-in with yourself, and fill the spare moments of your day with things that feel good. The more consistent you become in your routine, the more effortless it becomes to commit to day in and day out. 

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