How To Create Your Own Daily Self-Care Checklist To Stay in Alignment

How To Create Your Own Daily Self-Care Checklist To Stay in Alignment | Essential Rose Life

Giiiiirl - you are superwoman. Between work and home and everything in between, you deserve to give back to yourself. Life can be a lot and you can’t control when things go wrong. However, you can control your response. You can learn how to respond to stress, overwhelm, and adversity, and always stay in the driver’s seat of your circumstances. How? By making a self-care checklist. And hey, if you fall off track, don’t beat yourself up over it. We’re only human and it happens. Just dust yourself off and get back on the grind, baby! Let’s make you a self-care checklist you will be excited to check off everyday. 

Daily checklists are my spirit animal. I mean, I can’t be the only one that does a little happy dance when I’m like BAM BAM BAM checking everything off on my list. I actually add things to my list JUST SO I CAN CHECK THEM OFF. If you’re anything like me, making a list of what you want out of your daily routine / ritual will get you even more excited about practicing self-care and will help you stay in alignment.

Step 1: 

Identify what is getting you off track. Is it that superwoman has this idea she should never take off her cape, kick back, and indulge in herself, vs go go go to keep everything around her together? Or is it that routine seems boring and leaves a bad taste in your mouth? Whatever is getting in the way between you and your self-care, get yourself in the know and figure out what you can do to help eliminate it. The first step is always self-awareness. A big FYI - don’t be embarrassed to admit to yourself what the problem might be. You can leave your shame at the door, like your superwoman cape when it’s time to Zzzz.

Step 2:

...And I’ll say it louder for the ladies in the back, GIVE. YOURSELF. A. BREAK. I totally get that you may not have the luxury to be able to shut everything off for a day and get a hotel room and spa treatment all weekend long. You don’t need all that to give yourself a real break. What you do need is to learn that not everything needs to rest on your shoulders. You are allowed to make mistakes, move slow, do less, and focus more on “being” than “doing.” You are 110% allowed to go through a season (or two) of life where all you are doing is giving back to yourself physically and emotionally. Stop comparing your journey to everyone else around you and you will instantly see how much of a difference that makes in your well-being. Start celebrating the little things that you are doing - confidence is not arrogance, sis, and you can wear it proudly. 

Step 3:

But is it selfish? No, you certainly do deserve to be at the top of your priority list. What’s more, only you know what it is like to live a day in the life of you. You know your social meter, you know what you’re comfortable with, and you know when enough is enough. Learn that “No” is a complete sentence and practice it when you’re not wanting to do something outside of your limits. Saying “no” is one of the most difficult yet important self-care practices we can take on! 

Step 4:

And on that saying no thread…DELETE or DELEGATE. You never have to feel that the world is resting entirely on your shoulders. Look at what you can get rid of or delegate to others. Chopping off the extra weight rather than spreading yourself too thin is only going to make life easier for you, and let’s be honest, everyone around you (when you’re happy, everyone’s happy)! If you’re afraid of what people may think when you do this or if they react poorly because of this newfound respect for yourself then you know those are not your people in the slightest. BYE FELICIA. 

Step 5:

Most importantly, align yourself with people and behaviors that are going to bring you the life you not only want to live, but the life you deserve. Recently, I heard a speaker talking about how life is just a series of your everyday choices. Yikes. That can be kind of scary. Or incredibly empowering. Yes, not every choice is detrimental to the end result we are chasing after. However, if we keep repeating the same choices, they become habits. Habits build character over time. When we start making the right choices, no matter how difficult they may be to choose, we take the necessary and foundational steps towards building the life we deserve to live. Our ideal lives start to fall into place and serve as a solid ground for only building upwards and onwards.

Let’s review your new life-giving self-care checklist, shall we?

  • Identify the problem
  • Give yourself a break
  • Be selfish and say “NO”
  • Chop off things holding you down
  • Align your choices with the life you want

It can be scary - going after exactly what you want with a world of possibilities in front of you. It can and will be overwhelming, but when the storm is over, you will be graced with the most amazing rainbow. Every storm runs out of rain and just remember all that water is only growing your potential. Don’t get yourself down, Rosebud. You are a work in progress and you are allowed to take all the time you need. Keep your chin up, spritz your favorite Essential Rose Mood Mist, and things will be alright.  

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