How Starting Your Day With a Self-Care Routine Can Set Your Day Up for Success

January 16, 2023

How Starting Your Day With a Self-Care Routine Can Set Your Day Up for Success | Essential Rose Life

Making ourselves a priority throughout the day can be a serious challenge.  Somedays, it can feel like WORK to peel ourselves away from the tasks in front of us especially when it seems like there is always something more we need to do.

Making time for ourselves each day is one of the healthiest, if not most essential, things we can do to self-prioritize.  Creating time to check in with our emotions, get clear on our intentions, make space for silence and self-discovery, and dedicating time to our creativity can dramatically strengthen our self-relationships. This small step makes us to feel infinitely more balanced, centered and in control throughout the rest of the day.  

This is why I started 2019 off by creating a schedule (literally blocked it out in an excel spreadsheet cause’ I need serious assistance with structure!) and put the word “ME” time at the top.  Before the sun comes up, I’ve scheduled two hours (7:00 AM – 9:00 AM) to do all things that put my needs first…This is before I turn my phone off airplane mode and allow myself to get completely swept away by work and everything else in life. The goal is to not lose myself to the day. 

(Tip: keeping your phone on airplane mode for this time period can be extremely helpful if you have the tendency to get easily distracted).

If you’re anything like me, scheduling in your “ME” time before the day even starts can be the best way to put yourself first. (The evenings can also be good if you have the discipline – I don’t, which is why I start in the morning! :D).  That way, you start your day off nurturing the most important relationship you have – with yourself!  You also will have gained the clarity to go into your day with a sense of focus, calm and intention.


Here are the top 3 “ME” time practices that can be incredibly supportive in your self-care ritual!

  • A MADE BED IS AN EASY WAY TO START FEELING SUCCESSFUL: I read this saying somewhere that making your bed in the morning can make you feel successful before the day even begins. It’s true!  I never used to make my bed. Instead, I would jump out of bed up and be swept away by x, y and z and let life take over. Taking time to make your bed in the morning is a simple, easy-to-do task that can make you feel accomplished, organized, and more in control before the day even starts. 

PS: Accompany the bed-making with a glass of water and continue to fill up your glass throughout the rest of your self-care day as part of your practice. Drinking water first thing in the morning is another small task that can make us feel successful, with added benefits – it increases our tendency to drink water throughout the day and stay hydrated, promotes energy and alertness, and stimulates digestion.  Add a lemon or ginger if you’re feeling extra fancy!  

  • TIME FOR SILENCE SPEAKS VOLUMES: Meditation has been one of the most life-changing practices I’ve ever adopted. If you are someone who suffers from periods of anxiety, depression, or get overwhelmed easily (who doesn’t?!) then I would strongly recommend you try a meditation practice.  Meditation can seem unappealing and even intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be!  If you are just getting started, taking even 1-5 minutes to close your eyes and focus on your breathing can be monumental (P.S. it’s normal for these practices to be bombarded with thoughts – don’t judge, let it happen!).  Slowly, you will gain the ability to work your way up to 10, 20, or even 30 minutes as you practice.  This exercise helps clear your mind, relieves stress, and allows you to feel more confident in the present moment.  

PS: If you want to practice meditation but silence is a little too much for you, trying a guided meditation can also be very helpful!  Apps like Headspace, Calm and Insight Timer have many options to choose from.


  • CREATIVITY AND IMAGINATION CREATE OUR REALITY: Once your mind has been calmed, you can get into a creative and imaginative space. Allow yourself to be more of the architect and artist (quite literally) in creating your reality and the outcome of your life. For some people, this creative piece might mean drawing, painting, dancing - you name it!  For me, it means writing.  Writing helps clarify my vision and is a form of self-expression that really sets me up for success.  “Writing” can mean creating blog posts like this one, journaling about my feelings (major!), or setting intentions and affirmations for what I hope to experience throughout the day, week, and well LIFE (also, major).

Essential oils, which are naturally-occurring chemicals found in plants, can also assist in your self-care practice.  Some of my personal favorites for creating “sacred space” or a feeling of resonance and self-connection are CONIFER oils (aka the evergreen trees you see year-round, like Juniper, Spruce, Pine, Cedar, etc).

Conifers are scientifically shown to promote sedation to the musculoskeletal system, reduce inflammation, enhance mental clarity, and soothe the nerves.  From an energetic standpoint, they also promote “strength” and “stability,” as they display continuity and reliability in their very being.



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