Five-Senses Gratitude Ritual

Five-Senses Gratitude Ritual | Essential Rose Life

Do you want to know how to get any and everything you’ve ever wanted? That’s a trick question, cuz DUH, of course you do.  Of course you want to be able to achieve your goals, command your work life, enhance your relationships, and live a life on your own terms.  

Well, I have a secret that will guarantee you live your best life, and all it requires is your mind.

Ready?’s gratitude! Gratitude is the secret sauce that makes all things possible. Gratitude reminds us that we already have everything we need. It puts our obstacles in perspective. And, it gives us permission to release fear and anxiety about the future. 

But there are various ways to experience gratitude.  The gratitude I'm talking about is the full, embodied kind of gratitude that evokes all the senses verses and can literally bring tears to your eyes. This, verses just a robotic list you write because you think you have to. The second one may work eventually overtime, but the first is infinitely more powerful to shift your mental and emotional state.   

Studies link having a gratitude practice to actually reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression and increasing happiness, and it's no wonder why. When we stop and "smell the roses," if you will, we remember all we have - materially and spiritually - all we've been through, all of the people and resources in our lives ready to serve us, and what's possible. This alone can make our obstacles seem infinitely more surmountable. 

Keep scrolling for a Gratitude Spell that will bring magic into your life through 7 basic full-sensory steps! 

Five-Senses Gratitude Ritual to Embrace Greatness

  1. At the end of the day, while you are laying in bed start to take inventory of everything you are grateful for from your day.  Take a deep breath and bring your attention to your senses. 
  2. Eyes: "I am grateful that today I was able to see that beautiful ocean when I went to the beach.” (insert yours)
  3. Mouth: “I am grateful that today I was able to taste the sweet saltiness of that caramel corn that I had while at the beach.” (insert yours)
  4. Smell: “I am grateful that today I was able to smell the saltwater radiating off of the sea while I was at the beach.” (insert yours)
  5. Hear: “I am grateful that today I was able to hear the sound of the pelicans singing.” (insert yours)
  6. Touch: “I am grateful that today I was able to feel the sand in between my toes and the sun on my skin.” (insert yours)
  7. Repeat in one sitting as often as you'd like to focus on all of the experiences you're grateful for. As you focus on each sense, bring attention to that specific area of the body and feel what it actually "feels" like. Allow yourself to more fully embody the experience. The more you “feel” with your gratitude, the more powerful and transformative it becomes. 
  8. Repeat the process daily as you go to bed each evening. 


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