Earth Day Four Elements Meditation

April 22, 2023

Earth Day Four Elements Meditation | Essential Rose Life

In my own healing journey, nature has played a pivotal role in making me feel grounded, emotionally supported, and at peace.  My journey actually started when I was sent to live in the wilderness at age 16. The transition from cushy North Shore Long Island living to days filled with trekking in the middle of the Blue Ridge Mountains was quite the contrast, especially since I was not prepared for that new reality.  

But ultimately, being immersed in the dense, wintery pine forest in the Blue Ridge wilderness enabled me to access a depth of healing, self-awareness and self-discovery that I never even knew existed.  It wasn’t only the lack of technology, social dynamics, and other distractions that would normally captivate my attention and steal me away from myself, that was responsible. It was the power of sleeping on the earth under the open sky, waking with the sunrise, breathing in the fresh, brisk air, and peeling back the threads of my complex, highly emotional teenage lifestyle to simply learning how to contend with the elements, and with myself, on a daily basis.  

Since then, my love for nature has only intensified.  Actually, it was my fascination for the healing power of plants that inspired me to create Essential Rose Life, a stove-top apothecary founded out of my college dorm room senior year!  Now, in my day-to-day life, besides using natural elements to create Essential Rose products, nature continues to play a crucial role in helping regulate my emotions, clear my mind, and put things into perspective.  Especially as a highly sensitive person, when I give myself the gift (it truly feels like one) of stepping away from the work day to take a daily walk or go sit by the river, it’s like a soothing balm that completely resets my energy and intentions and reminds me of what’s truly important.

What’s more is that each of the elements in nature has their own healing capacity that affects our mind and emotions in unique, yet equally powerful, ways.  Whereas fire energizes, excites, and inspires, water teaches us about presence, continuity, and surrender. The forest can be a source of nourishment that repairs and restores our hearts, and the mountains offer up a completely refreshed perspective.

So on this Earth Day, I wanted to offer you a guide to use the elements in a personalized meditation to support your own mental and emotional healing. Browse the below information and then once you’ve chosen an element you’d like to work with, follow the steps to practice your Earth Day Element Meditation.


Qualities - serene, fluid, flowing, receptive, sensitive, soothing, cathartic,

restorative, rejuvenating, mindful, timeless, feminine

Parts of the body - sacral region, reproductive organs and system

Expressions - sensuality, intimacy, joy, surrender, play, expression

Essential Rose product: Indulge Mood Oil

“I move from my power and intuition.”


Qualities - active, empowering, transformational, passionate, creative, authoritative, energizing, commanding, courageous, charismatic, inspiring, masculine

Parts of the body - solar plexus, naval region, digestive system

Expressions - confidence, manifestation, action, creation, leadership, determination

Essential Rose product: Empower Body Oil

“I embody strength from the core of my being.”


Qualities - thoughtful, communicative, expressive, engaging, stimulating, fantastical, adventurous, revolutionary, inquisitive, liberated, unconventional, masculine

Parts of the body - third eye, throat, thyroid

Expressions - intuition, inquisitiveness, independence, free-spiritedness, intellectual

Essential Rose product: Brighten Mood Mist

Mantra: “I radiate warmth and vitality.”


Qualities - rooted, grounded, nourishing, supportive, present, secure, focused, pragmatic, steady, rational, routine, feminine

Parts of the body - base of the spine, root, legs

Expressions - practicality, discipline, loyalty, leadership, control, organization

Essential Rose product: Sacred Mood Mist

Mantra: “I embrace the divine unfolding of my life.”

Read more on the elements here.



  1. Browse the element list and choose the one that feels most aligned with what you’d like to currently balance / enhance in your life.

  2. Commit to a period of 15 minutes where you can meditate on your particular element.

  3. Close your eyes and bring your element to mind - the shape, temperature, color, texture, sounds, qualities, expressions.

  4. Visualize the element at the parts of your body the element corresponds with (listed above).  Allow the parts of your body to fill with the corresponding element.

  5. Keep your eyes closed until you can generate a feeling of the element and what it would mean for you to embody its characteristics in your own life.

  6. Commit to the top 2 “qualities” and “expressions” the element corresponds with, and repeat those in your mind to close out the meditation.

  7. Write down your words and any other thoughts you have and keep the qualities / expressions in your mind throughout the day.




Food - Earth Day Four Elements Meditation


Text - Earth Day Four Elements Meditation



Sweets - Earth Day Four Elements Meditation


Text - Earth Day Four Elements Meditation



Bottle - Earth Day Four Elements Meditation

Text - Earth Day Four Elements Meditation


Sweets - Earth Day Four Elements Meditation

Text - Earth Day Four Elements Meditation



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Text - Earth Day Four Elements Meditation

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