Celebrate Womanhood With Self-Empowerment Rituals

Celebrate Womanhood All Month Long With Self-Empowerment Rituals | Essential Rose Life

International Women's Day might be gone but we are celebrating womanhood all month long!

In the spirit of Tory Burch's powerful national women's movement, we invite you to EMBRACE YOUR AMBITION. Let your desires and intensity light you up; they are a reflection of your life’s purpose. Respect your intuition; one of your most valuable gifts. Answer the call of your heart - even if it feels scary. Let the truth of who you are course through your veins because when you do, you will be unstoppable and truly beautiful. And that, my friend, is the path to self-empowerment!

Ways to Embrace Your Ambition:

1) Getting clear on your dreams and desires by journaling

Try free-writing where you just keep the pen going without stopping for 15 minutes.  This will help you get outside of your head and start to write from beyond your thinking mind into your heart and truth.  The first 5 minutes may be a lot of mind chatter "i.e. I don't know why I'm doing this weird exercise but here goes," but eventually you will transcend to a deeper place and write from your soul.  You may be surprised at what comes up! 

2) Saying NO to things that don't light you up and excite your soul
Please do this as often as possible - saying yes to things we don't actually want to can be so draining and depleting.  Of course, this doesn't mean shirking responsibilities.  It just means aligning your behaviors with what you know will best serve you, enhance your productivity and motivation, balance your emotions, and nurture you from the inside out. 

3) Carving out time each day to cater to your own needs and hear your truth beyond what society expects of you

The clearer we are in our truth, the less we will let ourselves be pulled and pushed around. The stronger boundaries we will have. The more we will be in touch with ourselves, and from that place, the better we can make decisions that are for our highest good.  

4) Mapping out your big vision and figure out the first actionable steps you can take this week, the next week, and beyond

Action, action, action! Map out the vision - don't get overwhelmed by the details. Just consider the first step. Take it this week. Then revisit, see where it landed you, and map out the subsequent steps. It's not easy, but it's simple: take it one step at a time. 

5) Prioritizing your self-care through rituals and mindfulness so you can navigate life with clarity, confidence and control

Yup, the way we get clarity is through self-care, and self-care is the key to confidence, emotional control, and everything else good we want in our lives. It all starts with that inner relationship that we prioritize on a daily basis. 

Essential Oil Self-Empowerment Ritual

Indulge Mood Oil: A Rose and Cardamom spicy and invigorating blend that excites and inspires the mind and senses. Perfect to get you in touch with your femininity, in an empowered way. To connect you with your emotions, tap into your sensuality, feel confident to make decisions in your best interest, to align with your heart and core. The empowered feminine is active, intuitive, and acts from her truth.

1) Massage the Mood Oil into the wrists, temples, backs of the ears and neck.

2) Recite the mantra “I move from my power and intuition," which was designed for the specific essential oils, Rose and Cardamom, in this blend. 

3) Bring a sense of warmth into your core. Breathe into your heart and feel it open. Feel roots grow from your feet into the Earth. Commit to taking steps today in the direction of your truth and dreams.

4) Close out the ritual with at least 1 step you can take from an empowered place today in support of your truth. 

5) Write this step down, breathe it into your heart, and continue through your day feeling confident and clear.

Retreats & Workshops

Jennifer Rose Goldman offers exclusive self-care retreats and workshops to help you strengthen your self-relationship.  Practices include gentle movement, breathing & meditation, aromatherapy & tea, guided visualization, and much more!

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