Down About The Weather? It Might Have Something To Teach You.

April 17, 2018

Down About The Weather?  It Might Have Something To Teach You.

Okay so we all get that the weather is playing hard to get with us: teasing incessantly with glimpses of 70 degree sun-kissed & rosy cheek days, only to break us down with the relentless dark, cold, and grey.  

But what is to be learned from this, if anything, (other than the fact that climate change is real!)?  

Well, after waking up yesterday morning in a total downpour--grey, drenched, and cathartic--and then walking outside midday to a gorgeous sunshiney afternoon, I realized something profound: the weather, what with its complete and utter unpredictability, can be much like our mind sometimes.  

Our thoughts and feelings can be as unpredictable, as unruly, and seemingly as out of our control.  We can be feeling really high and on a happiness streak one week, and then all of a sudden wake up sad, anxious, and disconnected from ourselves and our community.  And what do we do?  We panic.  We overthink it.  We isolate ourselves even more.  

Do we have to?  No.  Why?  Because this is normal.  Nothing is constant, nothing is permanent; not even our happiness, not even our sadness (thank God, right?).  And yes, sometimes those anxious, sad, and "unwanted" feelings come out of the blue, and sometimes they are triggered by something subconsciously.  Either way, it's okay.

Either way, you can handle it.  You can navigate it.  And it's not going to swallow you whole; the feelings.  Surrender to them when they arise.  Let them happen.  Let yourself be overcome.  Because in reality, you can never be FULLY overcome.  You are stronger than you think, more powerful than you can even imagine, and most beautiful when you're vulnerable with yourself and others. 


1) Find a comfortable, safe place to sit or lay yourself down.

2) Close your eyes gently; relax the muscles in your face.

3) Take 3 deep breaths in to the count of five; hold the breath; exhale completely to the count of five.

4) Bring your awareness to the base of your spine; breathe in warm, white light into this area and the sitz bones.

5) Visualize roots at the base of the spine -- earthy, big, strong roots, and expand them from the base of the spine into the Earth...down, down into the core of the Earth

6) Send warm, white light from the core of the Earth up the roots and back into the base of the spine. Sit here for 5-10 minutes, or as long as needed.

7) Bring the awareness back to the face and gently open the eyes back into the room.


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